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Network Marketing Recruiting and Talking Too Much

talking too much

Want to get better results in your network marketing recruiting? Learn how to stop talking too much and this post will help you.

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Update from Ireland

Yesterday we visited the Cliffs of Moher (not Mordor, too scared of Uruk-hai, inside nerd joke) and it was awesome. The picture to the right is from the cliffs, amazingly beautiful place, 700 feet high cliffs and amazing scenery! You can check out more pics on my Facebook page here.

The Biggest Mantra to Recruit More People

I am about to share with you the number one mantra you must embrace if you want to get better results in your network marketing recruiting. You ready? Here it is…“Say Less to More People”

This is the absolute key IF you want to recruit a lot of reps. Notice I didn’t say “Create a super convincing presentation” or “Pound your prospects into submission by using a chokehold”, “Say Less to More People” is seriously the best advice I can offer when it comes to network marketing recruiting..but the trick is, how do you do that?

How to Stop Talking Too Much

There are a few areas where network marketers, for the most part, are total weiners. They usually are scared to admit it’s network marketing and also terrified when someone asks them what it is, so let me help you with that…

network marketing recruitingFirst of all, when someone asks me “Is this Network Marketing?”, I say EXACTLY what I taught in this blog post – Is This Multi-Level Marketing

Second, when they ask “What is it?” after I ask the initial prospecting question, this is what I say to that – How to Answer the What Is It question

There are multiple reasons you should stop talking too much, here are some:

1. If you limit the amount of time you spend with each prospect, you can talk to more people with the amount of time you have.

2. Your prospect will more likely feel they can do what you are doing IF you aren’t spending a lot of time with each prospect.

3. You will feel better. If you only spend a few minutes with prospects and they say no, well, you didn’t invest that much time anyway so who cares?

You CAN Get Better at Network Marketing Recruiting

Follow the advice in this post along with the two posts I suggested above and you WILL get better at network marketing recruiting. First thing to do is STOP using non-serving language and repeating how bad you are at recruiting and instead change your vocabulary to embrace the fact that you are getting better and better. This is ALWAYS the first step to take when you want to improve a skillset is change how you describe your experience with it.

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