MLM Prospecting:
What to Say When They Ask “What is it”?


One critical aspect of your MLM prospecting is the invite. If you cannot master the invite, you are going to struggle to build a large network marketing business. This will help.

If you have ever gotten stuck with what to say when they question you, this short video will help.

The Most Important Step in Network Marketing Prospecting

The truth is, you HAVE to learn how to invite people to check out your deal if you are ever going to have success. You SHOULD also know how to close as well but who ya gonna close if no one ever watches your presentation because you suck at inviting? (For help with closing, check out my Top Earner Recruiting Secrets)

So, the invite is CRUCIAL. You truly don’t have to learn much when it comes to MLM prospecting but again, the invite is CRUCIAL. However, something typically happens during the invite process…your prospect starts interrogating you! They ask you that dreaded question, “well, what is it?” Next time this happens in your MLM prospecting, don’t hide under the bed and suck your thumb, watch the below video on EXACTLY what to say.

Video: MLM Prospecting Scripts and Posture

Was that  video helpful? If you master the invite you can become a pro at network marketing prospecting. On another note, you should understand that your knowledge of your compensation plan or product have NOTHING to do with how much money you will make. The biggest factor to how much money you will make in your MLM prospecting is simply how many eyeballs you get on your company presentation. Like I said in the video, you ARE building a business so ACT LIKE IT!

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