Ever get the question, Is this network marketing or multi-level marketing? I bet you do. Here’s how I answer that question.

Watch the below video if you want to be more postured when it comes to prospects questioning multi-level marketing.

Don’t be a Wimp

The biggest suggestion I can make to you in ALL objection handling when it comes to multi-level marketing is don’t be a wimp!

You know that most jobs and even businesses do not create residual income that can be leveraged and that multi-level marketing makes a LOT more sense if your goal is to create a great lifestyle.

By the way, the reason I did this video is so many peopled like my video from a couple days ago on How I answer “Is Network Marketing a Scam?”

Video: How I answer “Is this Multi-Level Marketing?”

Was that helpful? You see, I never ever lose my power and you shouldn’t either. You might think “Sure, easy for you to say Ray, you’ve made millions in multi-level marketing, I haven’t!” Well, that IS typical for people to say but the reality is, that is NOT the case.

It wasn’t success that gave me this attitude, it is this attitude that helped me get to success. You get to choose if you get frazzled and wimpy when someones tries to take your power OR you can choose to be powerful. Feel free to share this with teammates that may get stumped with these posture type questions and comment below if you got value.

To Your Abundance!

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