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Stuck in a rut with your network marketing business?

In this training I share the #1 step for getting momentum to build your business.

How To Get Unstuck and Into Action

“Hey, how I do get back at it? How do I get back into momentum?”

If you’re asking that question, what you’re actually asking is, “How can I delay by thinking or planning, from doing the crap I don’t want to do?”

If you really want to get out of the rut, get back into action.

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Talk To Humans

Start reaching out to human beings. It doesn’t matter if you have gone three months, six months, nine months, or 11 years.

It doesn’t matter how many years, months, days, weeks, seasons, or holidays that you’ve taken off from building your business.

How you get back at building your business? Well, last time I checked we can only recruit or enroll human beings.

So, how you get back at it is you start speaking to human beings.

Stay Focused

Guess what? It sucks!

Did I want to make my prospecting calls? Hell no! I wanted to do anything else.

“Oh, someone needs me to make them a sandwich? I’ll go make them a sandwich. You need the garage cleaned? I’ll clean the garage. You know what? I actually organized my file cabinet. You know what? I’ve got three or four unsharpened pencils. I really should get these babies sharp just in case. Just in case someone waltz’s up to my door ready to sign up, just so I can write with a sharp pencil.”

Hey, we all get out of momentum sometimes right. We all get out of the groove. We all get out of our daily routine. How do you get back at it?

You get back at it!

It’s really that simple.

Any thinking, blueprinting, planning, journaling, meditating, burning incense, listen to Yanni, any of that stuff is a delay of doing the crap that will actually get you results.

Budget Your Time

Do you go get four new books? No. You don’t go get four new books, you go and speak to human beings.

You go and say, “Hey, you open to take a look at my products, service, opportunity? If you are, great. If not, no big deal.” That’s what you do.

Any of that other stuff, is just a delay, and it’s keeping you out of momentum. It’s keeping you in the rut. It’s keeping you right there, right there in the rut.

Any stuff I could tell you except speaking to human beings will keep you in the rut.

So, no more blueprinting, no more planning.

No more, “I’ve got four more courses to go through and then I’ll talk to human beings.”

Still work on yourself, but budget your time.

Daily Habits

If you’re serous about growing your network marketing business, then there should not be a day where you’re not speaking to human beings to see if they’re open to your product, your service, your opportunity.

Whether it’s Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Trip Advisor, YouTube, at the mall, networking meetings, grocery stores, gas stations, wherever you want to go.

Whatever it is that you’re wanting to accomplish at networking, it comes down to speaking to human beings. That’s what it comes down to.

It could be you doing a Facebook live sharing some educational kind of stuff and then connecting with the leads, connecting with the people that like it, connecting with people that comment.

Speaking to human beings is the only way you’ll ever get out of that rut. Not blueprinting, not planning, not journaling, not meditating. None of that other stuff is ever going to get you out of that rut.

Did you find that helpful?

Let me know what you think in the comments below. And, feel free to share this with your teammates.

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