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Time to take your business to the next level with funnels and email lists?

Before you do, here’s my thoughts for building network marketing business with funnels.

What You Need To Know About Network Marketing Funnels And Email Lists

Funnels are more advanced than most will ever be able to handle.

If you’re thinking, “You know what? My company conventions are just too smooth. I need to slow things down a bit and get a lot of people confused,” then just have someone come up and talk about building an email list.

It works every time. The people are like, “What?!”

I remember I had my buddy Dagan speak at one of our smaller events.  Dagan, the entire time he’s talking about,  “You’ve got to build your list and you communicate with the list.”

This lady comes to back and she brings me this list of names she wrote on a paper, “Does he mean like this list?”

You gotta understand most people don’t have the mindset to stick with it enough to get past the technical hurdles and learn how to create an email list.

There are lots of helpful things out there. I think my bud Russell Brunson’s has done the best job, with ClickFunnels. I think it is easier for people, but for most it’s still overkill.

It’s still overkill to tell everyone to build an email list.

The Danger With Technology

It’s definitely worth it to build an email list, no question. The danger is where someone is doing something and it’s a little bit effective or a lot effective, and so they chase technology. And they’re like, “I wanna learn technology, and I’m gonna work on this.”

There’s a never ending vacuum of learning technology. You could learn technology 12 hours a day, every day, for the rest of your life. And there will always be a new article out. There will always be a new software out. There will always be some new algorithm.

I’ve never read an article about Facebook algorithm, but I read psychology.

I read things that explain what would make someone want to be on this Facebook Live. That to me is more valuable.

I realize that these people are listening to other gurus that teach them algorithm stuff and so they’re doing this weird stuff, right? I would rather study psychology of what would increase my chances of someone watching this darn thing, no matter where it is. That’s my focus, is human psychology, not Facebook algorithm.

The danger is that someone will say, “You know what? I’m just gonna, I’m just gonna focus enough to get my email list going, and my website going, and my blog going, and then I’ll get back to prospecting.”

Three years later, still don’t have all the stuff configured. They got their third plugin installed, but they had problems, so they called support. And they haven’t prospected anybody, and they’re not making any money. It’s dangerous.

Email Lists

I’m a huge fan of building an email list.

It makes so much sense to build an email list that you can press a button and it goes out to bunches of people, and you own it.

You don’t own your Facebook traffic or your YouTube traffic. You don’t own any of that stuff.

But, you do own your email list. You could press a button, emails go out. They may or may not get them. They may or may not open them, based on their relationship with you or how they think about you, but you do own that. I’m a big fan of it. But even when you’re doing that, you still have to be prospecting.

You Still Have To Prospect

When I started blogging consistently, that was exactly when I was getting 20 nos a day too. But I wasn’t getting them from my blog. No one was visiting my blog. I didn’t have some big network marketing following. I was just doing it and I was like, “Oh, I hope that one works, but I’m off to get 20 nos.”

It’s a combination.

You have to be getting eyeballs on your presentation, or you aren’t going to make money in network marketing.

As long as you take that into consideration, there’s an infinite supply of stuff to learn.

If you go that path, don’t stop prospecting. Don’t stop doing the things that are getting eyeballs on a presentation. You have to do that.

Did you find that helpful?

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