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Network Marketers:
Should You Be Branding Yourself?

branding yourself

No company teaches this but as a network marketer, SHOULD you put any effort into branding yourself?

Watch this short video to hear my opinion on the matter.

What Most Network Marketers Think

Most network marketers think that the more people that know what company they are in, the better chance they have of recruiting more people.

That is a false conclusion.

The truth is, the more people you get to watch your company presentation dictates how many people you ever recruit. AND, if you embrace the fact that drilling and leading with just your company name does NOT get more people to watch the presentation, you just might decide it is time for a change.

What if I want to Focus on my Company instead of Branding?

When I talk about branding yourself, I am not talking about you having to get a logo, hire an ad agency or anything like that, you see, you already have a brand and that brand is what you are about and how others describe you. When you focus on branding yourself, YOU are the attraction not the company for which you are a rep. You see, my wife and I recruit 2-4 people per week, every week, and we have for four years but you rarely see me ever even talk about my company, I focus on bringing value to my target market.

When people don’t know what company you are with, you have a better chance of PROSPECTING them and having them curious to find out more. Let me give you an example…

I have a guy that I prospected that had been prospected by someone else in my same company years ago but my prospect did NOT know I was with the company that I am. When he found out, he told me “I never would have reached out to you had I known you were in this company because I was treated so poorly by the last guy that prospected me from that company”. By the way, that guy did join. Had I focused on branding the company I am a rep for vs ME, I never would have even heard from that guy.

Don’t Over-complicate it

The tendency of the non-successful is to complicate everything. They get overwhelmed, confused, and choose to not understand. The video below will shed some light into branding yourself and why it works but as far as what you SHOULD be doing, just focus on the things you are already doing but without pounding your company name out there as I can tell you, it’s not very effective. Watch the below video to see what I mean (you might get a laugh)

Video on Branding Yourself

By the way, in case you didn’t catch it, “Grapity Grape” is my name for a made up network marketing company. =)

I hope this video helps you as I want you to get more results in your marketing and remember, branding yourself is about your MARKETING not your prospecting. If you are focused on building your company, you should still be prospecting people into your company, just be more mindful of your marketing and ask yourself IF it is raising curiosity or turning people off by raising resistance or having them think they already know all about your company.

Feel free to share this with anyone that may benefit and let me know if you agree with me or not in the comments below!

To Your Abundance!

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