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Today we interview my bud Ted on how he has enrolled 50+ being an Uber driver!

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How a San Antonio Network Marketer used Uber to Enroll 50+ Customers

This is certainly not the first time I have heard of a network marketer using Uber as a prospecting approach but it is the first time I have heard these type ofl results.

I truly believe it is because of the tool he created that he shares in the video below.

This may be an EPIC post to share with your team. I fully support capitalism and the rise of the fast return entrepreneur such as being an Uber driver. Being an Uber driver will never create freedom for you but it sure can help fund your training, autoship and other bills while you grow that network marketing business that can create residual income and freedom.

Ted takes being an Uber driver to the next level by having a structured way to offer upsells and also lead into his network marketing company. See what I mean in the below video…

Pretty cool right? What if just 10% of your team did EXACTLY what Ted shared in the video? You see, Ted is not yet a million dollar a year earner and we do plenty of those interviews too but I think it is super cool to see someone out there hustling to make it happen and I hope it inspires you to play bigger and think outside the box.

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