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My MLM Recruiting Secrets

This morning I met up with two marketers in Stone Mountain, Georgia and shared some of my MLM recruiting secrets, might just help you out too

Family Vacations and Love of this Industry

My family and I are in Stone Mountain for a family vacation and I told my email list that I would be here and if they wanted to meet up, to let me know. I love this industry and meeting new marketers in different places and honored I can help.

This morning I met up with two marketers, one in my Numis team and one in another company. I mainly covered MLM recruiting secrets and the different keys to being good at MLM prospecting and thought I would share them with you.

Some of my MLM Recruiting Tactics…

I think one of the biggest keys to my personal success with network marketing recruiting is that I see myself and this industry as a profession and not something to be cheaply thrown at anyone I meet. Here are some of my suggestions that I gave to my marketing friends I met with this morning:

Me and Teammate Anil

Me and Teammate Anil

1. IF you approach a group of strangers, don’t pitch your business or do anything but inquire about what they do and be complimentary.

2. If you are getting someone to watch a video without you knowing what benefit they may PERSONALLY get from your business, you are a pitchman or woman. Ask them the powerful question, WHY, to transform into a problem solver.

3. If someone doesn’t have the money, or, so they say, use this line, “Putting money aside, what would be the benefits of you being in this business?” This diminishes the price tag that they are currently focused on and instead brings to light the benefits, follow this up with 50 ways to come up with the money and you will convert 50% or more of these people. A lot of this sort of recruiting secrets are in my Recruiting Mastery series.

4. Always be working on the next big thing when you talk to prospects. There should ALWAYS be a new event, webinar or SOMETHING that is coming up that will blow up the business and have reasons why the prospect should get on board now. This does NOT mean to bend the rules of the 7 steps of MLM recruiting that I suggest but it WILL increase urgency to get people off the fence.

Don’t Confuse Marketing with MLM Prospecting!

MLM prospecting is reaching out to an individual online or offline, warm or cold market and talking to them with a goal of getting them into your business while solving their problems. Marketing is taking an action that you hope an unnamed individual responds to, there is a difference, I built my business through prospecting THEN learned how to use the Internet to crush it with my MLM recruiting and marketing. Don’t forget if you need to make more money, spend more time prospecting than marketing is my suggestion.

To Your Abundance!

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