Struggling with the fear and shame of being told no?

This POWERFUL TED talk will put rejection in it’s place.

Must Watch TED Talk

My friend and Rank Maker, Cristie Crit Johnson sent me this video and I’m grateful she did. In this POWERFUL TED talk from Jia Jiang, he shares just the process to overcoming your fear of rejection. He shares how he desensitized himself from the pain that rejection brings.

Jia Jiang went on a 100 day quest of asking for strange requests from asking a stranger to barrow $100 to asking a restaurant for a “Burger Refill.” During this journey he learns how asking for what you want can open way more doors than you would think.

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More Resources For You:

There’s a great book out there called Go For No. It’s by Richard Fenton and Andrea Waltz.

I read the Go For No book years ago when I was dead broke and in personal foreclosure.

2 HUGE Lessons I Learned From The Book:

  1. How to lessen your energy when you receive rejection. (Not allowing rejection to punch you in the face so hard)
  2. Hit your numbers and you’re going to get some yeses.

So, I went for 20 No’s a day everyday for about six months. That allowed me to build a pretty large organization. I’ve been sharing that for years and years and years.

This last year I had the pleasure of spending time with Richard and Andrea. We have actually co-authored a book specifically for the Network Marketing Profession. And, just a few weeks ago we released the Go For No For Network Marketers. This IS the resource you will want to get your hands on. I truly believe it is the book that can truly propel YOU and your team.

The Difference Between Those Who Struggle And Those Who Succeed In Network Marketing

Network Marketing Recruiting & Go For No

How To Overcome Rejection

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