Network Marketing TeamDo you wonder how to motivate your Network Marketing Team WITHOUT taking time away from your business?

In this post I’m going to give you some POWERFUL suggestions to get your Team FIRED UP!

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Tips For Motivating Your Network Marketing Team

1. Build A New Team.

I know that sounds strange, but you have to be the example.

I see it all the time where someone recruits two people, three people, five people, ten people, twenty people into a team and then all of a sudden they climb up in their lifeguard chair and say, “All right guys, go get it!” They unfortunately change the energy of how they are showing up to the team. They go from producer, hustler, worker, to manager.

Let me tell you, being a manager is NOT powerful energy for a network marketing team. You shouldn’t be managing your people, you should be inspiring them. Inspiring them by you being the example, by you recruiting more people than they are, by you going out and hustling harder than they are.

Have some fun with it. It should be a full-blown brawl and battle of who is working the hardest, who is talking to the most amount of people. Be the example, be the inspiration. You go out and build a whole new team because there’s nothing better for an existing team to see than you recognizing someone they’ve never heard of.

2. Love People For Being In Your Team

Hi-five them, love them, hug them, all those things. Do not create a environment where people feel bad because they’re not producing enough for you. I have seen people, they come into a team and they don’t really produce for years, but then they go off to produce amazing teams. Love them where they are.

3. Give Them Homework.

If someone says to you, “Hey, I really want to get it, I really want to make it happen.”  The best thing you can do for him, give him homework. Say okay, you’re saying you want to be a top earner, you’re saying you want to crush it? Cool. Go reach out to ten people, come back to me with the results, come back to me with feedback, and we’ll tweak your approach.

DON’T give them a two-hour call on your phone that’s non-duplicatable. They can’t rewind, they can’t replay, they can’t share it with the teammates. Don’t give them that because you’re actually not helping them, and you think you are. You think you’re firing them up, and then you’re like, “Man I had that two-hour call, but they didn’t produce anything.” That isn’t what produces results, them speaking to people is what produces results. Instead of the two-hour speech, give them four-minute speech and say, “Hey, go prospect ten people, report back to me the results and we’ll take it from there.”

You want to see who is actually willing to take the action and from there that’s who you start to work with. Now, they don’t have to recruit all ten, they don’t have to recruit any of those ten, but someone that will go out and actually do the homework is worthy of a little bit more time with you. Tweak them a little bit and send them on their way.

Watch the video below for my last big suggestion that will help you motivating your network marketing team into ACTION!

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