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“My Personal 7 Step Get-Your-Hands-Dirty Method of Recruiting That Has Led To $1 Million & Counting In Commissions With My Current Company!"

Hey there my friend and fellow networker, If you’re struggling to recruit new reps into your business and build momentum, then pay close attention. I truly believe the information I’m about to share with you will be incredibly helpful… Recently, I was honored to learn that my wife, Jessica, and I have now earned more than $1 Million dollars in commissions from our network marketing company! I don’t tell you this to brag. Our journey hasn’t always been smooth sailing and we’ve managed to persevere through all the bumps in the road. The reason I’m sharing this with you is because only a few short years ago I was just starting my 12th network marketing opportunity after having failed in 11 previous opportunities. In a short 3 year time span, I had managed to join AND FAIL 11 in different companies. I was not an overnight success story. I’m just a regular guy and I’m sure you can imagine the amount of embarrassment, discouragement and complete frustration I was feeling after having failed that many times! But if you fast forward a few years and look at all the exciting things happening today, it’s exciting to see how far we’ve come and what’s in store for us in the future. So, how did I do this? And, more importantly, how can YOU do this if you’re where I was a few short years ago? How the heck did I make the switch from failing 11 different times in 11 different network marketing opportunities, to finally having success on the 12th try? …Did I just get lucky? …Did I find some new marketing strategy? …Did I have some special connections? The answer is no. I had none of those things. The honest truth is that I’ve worked harder and smarter at this 12th venture than I did all the others. And, I’ve learned quite a bit along the way about what does work, and what will keep you stuck and struggling. I’d like to share those keys…the “ah-ha” moments with you in my newest training…

“Straight Talk on Recruiting: 7 Steps To Recruit More Reps Into Your Network Marketing Company"

This training is the meat & potatoes of what I do daily to be a Top Earner in my current company. And, I believe if you follow these 7 steps, and you train your downline to follow these 7 steps, you WILL recruit more reps. These 7 steps aren’t some magic secret that I’m keeping to myself. In fact, they sound very simple on the surface. It’s how you APPLY them that will make the difference.
What are the 7 steps? Here they are:
  1. You must talk to more people
  2. You must say less when you talk
  3. You must have posture when speaking & building your business
  4. You must follow-up properly & leave voicemails that get a return call
  5. You must know how to properly train a new rep
  6. You must stay focused long-term & know what to do when you’re weary
  7. You must be prepared to become a Top Earner
If these 7 steps sound familiar, it’s because they are. Building this business is a fairly uncomplicated thing, however – I have my own unique spin on each of the steps that, when applied, gets results fast!

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[gn_note color="#d0d0d0"] [gn_quote style="1"]I just finished listening to Straight Talk and making 27 pages of notes - all verbatim! FANTASTIC! In terms of feedback, I like the fact that you identified the various steps one by one and sign-posted when you were going on from one step to another. You clearly identified the various options how reps could gain more business on-line , offline and Facebook - I like the idea about the trade shows as those people would be more open to listening to new business opportunities. (This will help me to focus on the right people and not those who are comfortable) I also like the idea about being able to duplicate myself and use tools for the system - I am quite analytical, so this would help me tremendously. The bit on posture is excellent and gave me more spunk to go out and not be fearful to speak boldly and I also like the analogy between Amateurs / Professionals - spot on! Ray I could go on and on, but in a nutshell, the presentation was professionally delivered, succinct and well explained with lots of examples to finalise the point. I will listen for the 90 days as you suggest and begin to apply. Thank you and may God bless you! ~ Audrey J.E. Brotherson[/gn_quote] [/gn_note] You're going to get the exact method of operation for the day-to-day, in the trenches, inner workings of my business in this new 46 minute audio & study guide. You’ll also discover:
  • The #1 mistake most network marketers make (I stopped doing this on my 12th try at network marketing, and it’s gotten great results)
  • How to avoid the dreaded “MLM Valley” so you’ll never feel stuck again!
  • My personal belief that you can build your business offline or online, but not without this (If you’re not willing to do this, then I strongly suggest you find another profession)
  • My favorite ways to build my business offline and online – you’ll learn them both and hear why I personally love them so much.
  • How I cured myself of the urge to chase, bug, convince, and twist the arms of my prospects (and it actually caused me to meet my business goals faster!)
  • The exact way you should reach out to your warm market if you’ve already prospected them (remember…I had pitched my family 11 different times over the short time span of only 3 years! Yikes!)
  • The absolute biggest bottleneck in your business that you’re likely ignoring and it’s completely stopping you from recruiting people.
  • How my “break in communication” technique will completely change how to make prospecting calls (this one works in so many situations & helps you keep in complete posture on calls…it’s awesome!)
  • How to avoid the trap of trying to be the smartest person in the room (You’ll make a lot more money when you lose the desire to prove yourself)
  • The HUGE difference between network marketing and traditional sales and why I strongly believe that those who believe they’re “Good Salespeople” will ultimately fail in this industry.
  • The “art” of having posture (including several specific examples of posture in use when a prospect starts being rude or throwing objections at you)
  • A Matrix move you should use daily to increase your posture immediately
  • My 3-step-follow-up system, including specific voicemail scripts that almost always get a call back. (If you’ve been confused about how to follow-up with prospects, or your follow-up technique is NOT working…try this!)
  • The subconscious reason so many fail to recruit (It’s true…you might actually be setting yourself up for failure and not even know it! Discover and solve this and you’ve unlocked the key to success in your personal business and with those on your team)
  • Is it possible to be excited about and want to work your business every day? (My answer will definitely surprise you!)
Straight Talk on Recruiting is an honest look at my daily strategy for bringing new reps into my business. This audio and downloadable study guide pulls back the curtain and reveals what I do and how I go about doing it, day in and day out. Having a positive mindset is incredibly important, but getting out there and getting your hands dirty and doing the work is what is going to help you reach the top. That’s where the money lies in your business – it’s in doing the work. If you’re ready to do the work with me, and you want my step-by-step outline for doing the “dirty work” of recruiting with more ease and better, faster results…then go ahead and take advantage of this limited time offer and grab your copy of Straight Talk on Recruiting today for only $47!

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You'll receive instant access to this hard-hitting, 46 minute audio and downloadable study guide. The study guide contains full transcripts, plus a printable worksheet for my follow-up and voicemail system.

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It's time to get unstuck and start getting results from your daily recruiting efforts…

Frankly, I hate it when other “gurus” out there try to teach networkers how to build the business today, when they haven’t been building for 15 or 20+ years. Sometimes the techniques work, but other times they’ve just work out their welcome long ago. It’s time to get real on what’s working NOW in our industry and what I’m currently doing each and every day that has resulted in big success. Wouldn’t you agree? Take action right now, download the audio and study guide, and start changing the way you recruit so you can get big results too! To Your Abundance, Ray Higdon    

Straight Talk for Recruiting Mastery

You'll receive instant access to this hard-hitting, 46 minute audio and downloadable study guide. The study guide contains full transcripts, plus a printable worksheet for my follow-up and voicemail system.

Price Only $47

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