network marketing presentationWant more people watching your presentation?

In this training I share exactly how to get more people to watch your presentation to greatly increase your customers and reps.

How To Get More People Watching Your Network Marketing Presentation

So, how do you get more people watching your presentation? I love that question. Getting more people to watch your presentation is the key to increasing your customers. reps and your business.

How do I get more people watching my presentation?

Don’t Try To Close Everybody

Most network marketers they think “How do I close more people?”

“Hey, Ray, they told me to scram and they threw a rock at me. How do I close them?”

You DON’T. You don’t close every person that you interact with. Nobody does that. It doesn’t happen.

So, “Hey Ray, they keyed my car and they called me an a-hole. How do I get them to join?”

Okay, first of all, I don’t want that person to join. I don’t want them keying cars in the team meetings. I don’t want them calling me names. So, stop trying to close everybody and instead see who’s open.

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See Who is Open

Your mission when you’re interacting and prospecting is not to get every single individual on the planet to watch your video or to close every person on the planet. It’s to see who’s open.

You want to look for who is open and not everyone is.

And, MANY people spend so much mental energy and actual time with people who aren’t open. It’s ridiculous. I’ll just say that you attempting to convince network marketing haters is a big waste of time in my opinion.

My style is to say, “Cool. No problem. Hey, do you know anyone that does want to make some extra money? Let me know. All right, I got to go.”

You can control how many people you reach out to. What you can’t control is how many people you actually get to watch a presentation. You really can’t control that, but you can control how many people you reach out to.

Stay Postured

You’re not here to convince anyone.

I’m not here to do a, “Well in corporate America there’s an org chart.” I don’t do that crap.

I’m just like, “Cool. No problem. Hey, if you know anyone that wants to make some extra money, let me know. No big deal.”

Because, I don’t dance for them. I don’t try to convince them.

That comes across very powerful. So, your mission is not get every person on the video, not close every single person, but see who is open.

Now if they say they’re open, what do you say to get them to watch the presentation?  In the video below I share exactly what I say to anyone who is open.

Did you find that helpful?

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