MLM TipsToday’s show is full of MLM tips to help you best work with non-motivated teammates you may have in your organization.

This should help you get more production and even help you with your time management!

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MLM Tips on Working with the NOT So Motivated…

So you have some teammates and people in your team that are not motivated or they’re not taking the kind of action that you would like them to assume. First of all, I would be very careful with your energy on how you handle and work with them and talk to them. If someone feels that you feel they’re not motivated or not taking enough action, then it’s actually discouraging to them. It actually makes them feel less than and it doesn’t make them feel good.

Let me give you a little secret. People will not stay in scenarios where they don’t feel good. Make them feel good. Make people feel important, make people feel respected, make people feel loved, make people feel included. Just because they’re not reaching the goals that you’re wanting or not taking the amount of action that you wish that they would take, don’t treat them that way. Don’t treat them like the child that you’re disappointed in.

Treat them with respect. Treat them with love. Treat them with adoration. Number one, you should go and show them how it’s done. Be the most inspirational person in your team. Do the most activity. Prospect the most. Get up on stage and share stories. Do the things you wish that they would do. Be the example. Number two, respect them for where they are. Treat them well. Number three, see them for who they could be but don’t hold it against them for who they currently are. It’s so important.

Always be talking about the next event. If they’re not motivated say, “You know what? Maybe you just need a refresher and maybe we need to get you to the next event.” Always focus on that next event. I’ve had people in different teams over the years that were with us for years before it clicked for them. It clicked for them and then they got to work and then they made it happen. Believe in people. See them for where they could be. Don’t treat them like a disappointment. Be very careful with that energy. Be an inspiration. You go and be the example that they can look at and look up to. Those are some of the keys for you to help better motivate unmotivated teammates, but also to retain them.

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