mlm teamIF you are serious about building your MLM team, you will want to know ways to motivate and inspire them.

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Ways to Motivate your MLM Team

One of our most popular questions is on how to motivate your MLM team. A lot of people like to ask that kind of question because they have an existing team that maybe aren’t living up to their expectations, and they want them to do more.

One, don’t be the dictator of another person’s happiness. If I enter into something, if I entered into woodworking, I would want to be the guru of woodworking. I would want to walk by a tree and whittle up a quick candlestick, or something like that. Anything I ever enter into, I want to be the very best on planet Earth, and then the galaxy, at that particular thing.

That’s how I operate. Most people don’t operate with that kind of psychosis. Don’t be the dictator of another person’s happiness. There are people in your team who haven’t recruited a soul that are happy as hell. That’s okay. They like being part of the family. They like being part of the community. They like showing up to events. They like high-fiving you on beaches of the world. If you drag your expectations over into their happiness calendar, you can cause distress within them, and they may quit just because they don’t want to let you down.

There’s a lot of people in your team that don’t have the kind of results you want, but they’re still happy. Let them be happy. Let them be on autoship. Let them come to the events without you dictating to them how unhappy they should be.

Number two, instead of motivate, which is coming from an external nature, inspire, which is inward-out. Inspire means I’m going to do the types of things that I wish that they would do, and maybe it inspires them to do something else. I’ve seen this first-hand. I’ve seen it where someone comes to me and says, “Ray, I was really feeling bummed out, but, I see how consistent you are. I see how much work you do. It inspires me to want to do more. I see what you’re doing. You inspire me.”

Be the best teammate on your team. Do the things you wish that your teammates were doing, and inspire them with your actions. Inspire them with you showing up, with you being consistent, with you making it happen, even when you don’t want to. Do the things you wish that they would do.

Lastly, number three, the best thing you can do for your team is to build a new one. Show them how it’s done. Start recognizing people they’re never heard of. Inspire them with your activity. Go out there and make it happen. You trying to watch sports movies to give great speeches to share with your team isn’t going to cut it. What got you here may not get you there. Go build a new team. Show them how it’s done. Inspire them, but don’t be a dictator of their happiness. If they’re happy as hell, you want them on autoship, you want them around you, they’re awesome. Maybe they help you at events, maybe they’re just happy to be a part of the family. Leave them alone. It’s okay.

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