mlm teamWant to grow your MLM team but don’t want to aggressively pound them to do it?

This will share strategies for motivating your MLM team without you having to become some pushy maniac.

Grow that MLM Team…without Being Annoying!

On my Periscope channel someone asked me about growing and motivating their MLM team without resorting to pushiness, this was my answer.

How do you get your team to do the things you want them to do without coming across as pushy?

Number one, you should be the perfect teammate. You should be doing the things you wish your teammates were doing. I’ve seen this a lot where someone is going to their teammates and saying, “You guys should be prospecting. You guys should be prospecting and getting out there,” but that person isn’t doing it. It isn’t what you tell people, it’s them seeing you be the inspiration.

Step one is if you want your teammates to do a particular set of actions, you go do them. You do them and show them the example. That’s number one. You inspire them versus motivate them.

Number two, you find out what do they really want?  The worst thing that you can do is take someone who’s happy as a customer and push them and tell them they need to be a business-builder, You need to find out what they want first. If I interact with someone who’s a happy customer and they don’t want to build the business, I’m like oh I’m so grateful to have you, you’re so awesome. Keep loving the product. You rock. I’m not going to push them and make them feel weird when they don’t want to. That’s a mistake that a lot of leaders make. I’ve made it. I’ve taken someone and said, “Hey, you know the product’s awesome. You should be promoting it.” They get all weirded out and then they quit. They don’t even get the product anymore. Don’t do that.

Find out who actually wants to build a business and guide them and coach them. In the below video I share some action steps to give to your MLM team to see who is coachable, wanting to grow and who isn’t. It should help you greatly with the most powerful way to grow your MLM team. Feel free to share this with teammates as it will help them with how to think and also how to work with their teammates.

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