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MLM Recruiting:
How to Talk to Strangers


Real quick, when you read that this was on how to talk to strangers, did you immediately get anxiety? Most people in network marketing do because they have not been trained properly. This post will boost your MLM recruiting when talking to your cold market.

That’s Old School MLM Recruiting! How Dare You Ray!

Haha, someone that thinks teaching people how to talk to strangers is old school or bad has never been taught to think multi-dimensionally which is a requirement if you are EVER to become an MLM leader. Let’s clear it up real quickly…

“Would you ever want a team of people where some of them were willing to talk to strangers, call their warm market or do home meetings?”

The answer, unless you were dropped on your head, is of course. Of course you would LOOOOVVVEEE to have people in your team doing these types of methods to build theirs (and your) network marketing business.

One of My MLM Recruiting Secrets…


Sometimes I look at the copywriting of some of the online MLM marketers and crack up. I actually have a separate post for this but I thought I would share, when I see an email that is extremely hypey, I know that all I need to do is say the exact opposite and I will attract the quality people. OK, back to how to talk to strangers!

How to Talk to Strangers Script

In the next week or so I will be rolling out an audio called My 7 Step MLM Recruiting Formula, make sure you stay tuned (comment below if you look forward to it). However, with talking to strangers, let me share the three most important steps:

Step 1. The curiosity raiser. This can be passive or active. For example, passive would be wearing a button, T-shirt, or something to get strangers to talk to you. When doing passive curiosity raising, and they reach out to you, you can skip to step 2.

For active curiosity raising you are asking a question. It’s best to have some sort of chit chat or whatever (most teach FORM) but at some point in the conversation you have to raise their curiosity, you can do this with one of the following:

– Hey, just throwing it out there but would you be open to a side project if it didn’t interfere with what you are doing?
– Just curious, do you keep your options open when it comes to making money?
– etc

Most mlm companies stop here and only teach you this one line but not what to do next

Step 2: Clarification. If you are doing passive, you repeat back what is on your button or shirt, etc. So, for example, my company has a button that says, “Get Free Monthly Assets for Your Family, ask me how”, so when they ask about the button, I might say, just curious, why would you be open to getting free assets? This is key AND it takes the pressure off of you. Listen to them.

If you are doing active, such as asking one of the two above questions, you also ask them a why question, such as, Just curious, why would you be open to making extra money from home? This is so powerful as you have yet to pitch them anything and you have now heard their reasons why they may do the business.

Step 3: Break in Communication. I have never heard anyone else teach this step but it is powerful. The number one mistake made in MLM recruiting is people don’t talk to enough people. The number two mistake is they say too much when they do talk to people. This prevents that. You create a break in communication after you have completed steps 1 and 2 and point them to a tool and or get their information for follow up. Here’s what that looks like (again, after step 1 and 2)

“Sounds good, well hey, I have to jump on this conference call but let me get your number and email and I will send you some information.”

“Gotcha, that sounds pretty serious, I am running a few minutes late for this meeting I need to go to, let me grab your information and we can chat later, when would be a good time”

If you follow the above 3 steps you will prevent talking too much and you will have a curious prospect. There are 4 more steps in my MLM recruiting formula but these three should be good enough for you to know how to talk to strangers. If you appreciate my no-bull, straight shooting information in this blog, please comment below and share on social media =)

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