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MLM Prospecting Secret:
The Valley


There is one big thing that I do differently in my MLM prospecting that most people do not do and it all has to do with time. This is one an MLM prospecting secret of mine and I call it…The Valley.

Common Aspects of Rookies when Prospecting

The biggest mistake that most network marketers make is they say too much. They actually talk people out of signing up. The second biggest mistake is they don’t talk to enough people. Can you see why the first mistake can lead to the second? If you are spending too much time with each prospect, it can limit how many people you actually talk to. The valley solves this…

Timing and Your MLM Prospecting

If you talk to twenty prospects for an hour each and twenty prospects for five minutes each, I would suggest you would get almost the exact same results. The key is using tools, posture and managing your time. The video below on the valley will help you.


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