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MLM Prospecting:
Recruiting Skeptics and Reluctant People

Last night we did a meeting at a restaurant in Naples where we signed up the owner and after hearing a few testimonials from my teammates I realized that I had recruited a lot of people who were skeptical or reluctant at first. This post will help your MLM prospecting of reluctants.

Never Break the MLM Prospecting Rules

I see seven unbreakable rules in MLM prospecting that just make sense to follow, I put these rules in an audio here that you can download. I will talk a bit about a few of them, here’s one:

Never beg, bug or chase.

So last night at the meeting, I had my friends Steve, Lisa and Lynette get up there and give their testimonial. Every one of them talked about how when I called them they were reluctant and they DID NOT sign up at first. They all three said how I said “I am going to build this with or without you, I would love to do it with you”, haha, THAT sums up my attitude with warm market. I DO reach out to my warm market because I am not a wiener but you have to understand that MY warm market had seen me participate in 11 network marketing companies…in a three year time span! To say they were reluctant about this new venture of mine would be putting it mildly.

Video: How to Recruit Those that are Reluctant

In this video I share some of my team geneology and how so many of my warm market were reluctant and skeptical but what I said that eventually got them into my team.

IF you have ever experienced skepticism or reluctance, you CAN overcome it. That doesn’t mean you will CLOSE everyone you talk to but if you follow what I suggest in this video, you WILL feel better, close more people while also avoiding EVER burning anyone out.

Keep in mind, those that don’t at least see who in their warm market is open to their business is a wimp. Yep, I said it, wimps. This horsecrap sold by online marketers to prey on the weak and tell you NOT to do this should only appeal to those who don’t give a crap about their friends and family. IF you truly care you should see their openness without beating them over the head like some amateur.


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