29 Sources of MLM Leads

mlm leadsOne question I get all the time is “Ray, where do I find people to talk to?” This is the number one reason I put together this blog post about 29 different sources of MLM leads.

Are You Looking for Leads for MLM?

One thing I see in our industry is people WAITING. WAITING for their passive marketing to work so they have someone raise their hand and want to be contacted. The problem with that is, it isn’t typically fast to start generating your own MLM leads and more and more people need help now.

The resource I am going to share gives you active places for YOU to reach out and talk to people, some of the 29 sources will help you with local MLM leads, AND the majority are ways you can get free MLM leads.

Why You Should Prospect BEFORE You Wait for MLM Leads

So, let’s say you get your wish and tomorrow you get 50 MLM Leads contact YOU. Will  you know what to say to them? Do you know how to handle those leads? You would think, of course but I have seen people get MLM leads before they were decent on the phone and they blew it. The important part of the audio on the 29 sources of MLM leads is it will help you with connecting with LOTS of people so that you constantly get better and IF you are advertising or marketing you will be much more prepared when you DO start getting in leads for your MLM.

OK, so are you ready to learn the 29 sources of MLM leads? Easy. Look over to the right of this page, for a very limited time I am giving away this audio FOR FREE. It is seriously one of my best audio’s I have ever done and you WILL be able to pick several different methods so you start connecting with MLM leads TODAY. All you do is enter in your name, email address and your phone number is optional. If you DO enter your phone, you will get a call from either me or my all-star wife Jessica. Once you enter your info the audio will be sent to the email address you entered. Take advantage and if you like the idea of me giving stuff like this away, please share this post and leave me a comment below!

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PS: I believe in Prospecting but I also like generating leads using the Internet. If YOU would like to learn how to do that, watch the short video here

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