Not sure about MLM Prospecting and talking to strangers?

Here I share my exact script from starting a conversation to closing the sale.

Don’t Prospect Strangers Without These Key Tips

Your number one enemy is saying too much. And, that’s what most amateurs do.

Most amateurs say, “Hey, I’m doing this thing. Would you be open to it?”

The prospect says, “Maybe.”

Then they’re like, “Oh my Gosh. It’s going to be so awesome. You’re going to make a $1 million. You’re going to be rich, and we have a BMW program.”

They say too much.

I’ve created something that prevents you from saying too much.

Remember, before network marketing, you spoke to other humans and it wasn’t weird. It was really awesome.

Before network marketing, you spoke to humans. You were able to ask directions. You were able to ask normal human questions without it being weird.

As soon as we get into network marketing, it’s like, “How do I speak to them and still pitch my business?”

Start With A Compliment

People like compliments.

You start with a compliment. Nice shoes, nice purse, nice earrings, nice watch, ect. Give them some kind of compliment.

“Hey, I see you’re a Colts fan. Way to go. Best team ever.” That might be my comment. 😉

Pay them some kind of compliment, see where it goes. See where the energy is.

But before you pop the question, always, always, always use what I call a BIC.

BIC stands for a break in communication. It’s not a Bic lighter, it’s a BIC, break in communication. This is a talk too much prevention mechanism that we’ve created.


A BIC is a break in communication. It can be real, it can be kind of made up. Whatever floats your boat.

The break in communication is a reason why the conversation needs to be shorter than normal. It’s a reason on why the conversation should be shorter than normal.

And the break in communication could be, “Hey, you know what? I got to go pick up my kids,” or “I got a dentist appointment,” or “Man, I got to jump on this conference call, but I’m just curious, would you be at all open to ______?”

If you’re an opportunity leader, you might say something like, “Hey, you know what? Man, I got to jump on this conference call. It’s been so nice talking to you, but hey listen. I’m just curious, would you be at all open to a side project if didn’t interfere with what you’re currently doing?”

Maybe you more lead with the products. “Hey, you know what? Man, I got to go pick up my kids. I realize what time it is. Geez. Hey, I’m just curious, would you be at all open? You know, I have a product that I represent that gives me more energy. It actually reduced some of my pain in my knees, and it actually makes me feel really good. Would you be at all open if I got together some information for you?”

Are You Open?

Now, what happens when you say, would you be open?

Many times, 9 times out of 10, they’re say, “Well, What is it?” Almost always.

I’ll just let you know right now. No one’s going to say, “Yes, I would like to purchase right now. Here’s my credit card.” No one is going to say that. It’s just not going to happen.

But they’ll say, “What is it? What do I got to do?”

They’re going to ask some kind of clarifying question. That’s where you have the power of the BIC. You say, “Ah, darn it.  I got to go pick up my kids. Man, I got to jump on this call, but tell you what. I promise, give me your information. I promise I’ll follow up with you and get you that information for you. Okay?”

Why is that? I say everything. Every word is constructed to increase your chances of success.

Why do I say OPEN, and not INTERESTED? See, very few people are interested in anything, but people don’t like to be not open.

I Promise

Why do I say, “I promise?” Why don’t I just say, “He, give me your information. I’ll follow up with you.” Well, who’s the benefactor? When someone promises something, the recipient is the benefactor.

Would anyone ever say, “Hey, I promise I’ll send you an invoice.” Promise, promises. No, you’d be like, “No thanks. Don’t want to. No need.”

They might say, “Hey, I promise I’ll bake you that new apple pie.” “Hey, I promise that I’ll go bring you that money that I owe you.” “Hey, I promise I’ll come over and wash your car.”

When someone promises something, the recipient is the benefactor.

That’s I use the word promise. Every word is constructed to increase your chance of success.

You collect their information, you go back home, and here’s where people freak out and they’re like, “What are you saying?”

Pay them that compliment and say, “Hey, listen. It was great meeting you. You’re awesome. Super cool, love the purse. Hey, listen. The best way for me to give you this information is really through a video. We got a short video that does a much better job than I could ever do of explaining it. Here, I’ll tell you what. This video will do a good job to see if it’s a fit for you or not. It may or may not be.”

Remember, I always said in ALL communications, give an out.

Give An Out

Give an out in all communication.

I am NOT going to call them and say, “Hey, you’re going to love this thing. It’s a no-brainer.” No, I’m not going to say all stuff, because they don’t know, and I don’t know. We don’t know if we’re a fit for each other or not, so I’m always going to give an out.

I’m going to say, “Hey, the best way for me to convey this is in a video. Does a much better job than I could possibly do. I’ll send it over to you. How soon can you watch it? By the way, this video will do a good job to see if it’s a fit for you or not.”

How Much Is It?

Now, if they ask me, “Well, how how much is it?”

I’m going to say, “Well, you know what? Truth is there’s several different options, but the truth is it may not cost you anything because it may not be a fit for you, but the video will do a good job of seeing if it is or not. How soon can you watch it?”

Any answer they give, I’m going to say, “Man, I’m so busy. Tell you what. Okay, you can watch it to … ” I may be looking at my calendar, and it’s totally blank, like I literally have nothing on the schedule for the next 45 days. Right? It may be completely blank. You know, Sabrina birthday is on there. Right? Valentine’s Day is on there. Right? There’s nothing else on the calendar. I’m going to say, “Man, so busy. Dang. You can watch it too. I could talk to you at either 2:15 and or 2:35. Does either of those work? Which one works better for you?”

You may think, “Well, Ray, if I act like I’m busy, won’t they think that I’m too busy to help them out?” That’s you overthinking it. People are attracted to people that are busy. People are bored with people who have too much time on their hands.

Did you find that helpful?

Let me know what you think in the comments below. And, feel free to share this with your teammates.

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