Not sure when to do your facebook lives?

In this training I debunk facebook algorithms and reveal the BEST time to show up on facebook lives.

MLM Marketing

It’s real popular for people to tell you, “Hey, only do one or two, and make them awesome, and make them really really good.” That’s a really popular message now-a-days. Here’s all I’m gonna say to debunk that.

The people you’re trying to attract, do they pursue education a couple times a week? Or do they look at it every day?

My target market, I serve network marketers. Do network marketers, do they just search for information once a week? Like, “You know what? I just need one good article a week. That’ll be good for me.” Do they search for two, right? “You know what? I’m just gonna consume two videos this week. I’m gonna pick two really good ones, and then I’m good to go.” 

Or are they constantly searching for help around solving their problems? Constantly.

Social Media Gurus & Engagement

I’m telling you, some of these social media gurus are screwing you out of a larger business.

“Hey, I get paid by engagement, babies. I get paid by likes.” Next time you think that, just call up your mortgage company or your landlord, and say, “Hey, I got 300 likes this week. Where do I cash those in? How do I? What’s the exchange rate of likes to my rent? Hello? Hello?”

Some of these social media gurus are screwing you. Because they’re telling you just do one or two epic posts a week.

And, I’m just letting you know, if you serve any niche, whether it’s weight loss, skin care, hair care, parenting tips, network marketing, travel tips…. Those people look EVERYDAY.

It’s like, “Okay, coming up this week on ESPN, we got the Super Bowl, and we got one other game. There you go, guys. That’s all we got.”

Or do they know that sports people are fanatics and they wanna consume it every hour of the day? Do they wanna wake up at 6 a.m. and watch it? Do they wanna watch it at 4 a.m. and at 7 p.m.?

Which was that Facebook is now smarter than the stupid engagement strategies that some people are teaching. So, I’ve studied not algorithm, but psychology.

If I understand how human beings work, then social media’s just an extension of my thought process, not an intricate tool that I must study every 48 hours. “Hey. Hey, there’s an algorithm change!”

Let me tell you, you will exhaust yourself. Because guess what? You know the algorithm you studied yesterday, and it’s different. And it’s gone. By next Tuesday, it’s gonna be totally different.

So, I don’t study it, but I do study psychology. I do study, how hungry is my audience? They’re hungry every day.

How Often Should You Do Facebook Lives

My suggestion, for Facebook Lives, is kind of like the gym.

It depends on your goals. “Ray, I wanna get in really good shape.” Well, then I think you should probably go to the gym every day. Why don’t you go there? Okay? Not for eight hours, but just go there, do a session every day.

“Well Ray, I really don’t wanna get in that great of shape. But I just don’t wanna be as lethargic as I am.” Oh, go two, three times a week. It’s fine. You’re not trying to get in killer shape, Mr./Mrs. Olympia. Go a couple times a week, it’s fine. So same thing with financial shape.

“I wanna get in the best financial shape of my entire life.” Then you may wanna show up every day, because you have an audience. Or you could have an audience that wants to hear education every day.

But see, I’m after a certain impact shape. So I want to impact more people, I care much more about serving those who show up, VS “Let me get really good engagement on two posts a week, baby.”

Does showing up once a week, is that better than nothing? Definitely. I’m not saying, “Hey, if you can’t go live every day, then get out the game, boy!” I’m not saying that at all. If you can only get to the gym once a week, that’s a million times better than zero times a week.

[clickToTweet tweet=” ‘All you can do, is all you can do. And all you can do is enough.’ –  A.L. Williams” quote=” ‘All you can do, is all you can do. And all you can do is enough.’ –  A.L. Williams”]

Best TIME To Do A Facebook Live

When’s the best time algorithmically speaking? When is the best time to go live on Facebook?


That’s what time it is?


Whatever that looks like for you. Because if I tell you, “7:30 p.m. We’ve tested it, we’ve ran it through the algorithm.”

Do you know what’ll happen? What’ll happen is 7:32, you’ll check your watch, you’ll be like, “Oh, missed the perfect window. Dang it. You know what? Tomorrow. Tomorrow, I’m gonna get it right at 7:30.”

7:35, tomorrow, “Oh, why? Why can’t I get this perfect time of the algorithm?”

That’s what you’ll do. That’s why I don’t give a time.

Best time is now o’clock.

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The best time is daily. That’s the best time.

Stop trying to master the MIT rocket science of the algorithm that changes daily. It’s like a part time job.

Stop being so obsessed with the algorithm, and be obsessed with impacting human beings. Be obsessed with showing up. Be obsessed with providing value. Become obsessed with being so darn consistent, that people accuse you of being a robot. That’s what I want for you.

Stop studying the darn algorithms, and start getting more into human psychology. Providing more value, providing more education, attracting people to you, solving their problems.

Impacting people, and getting them excited.

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