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MLM Prospecting: How he Prospected 187 People in 6 Days

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Today you are going to here about a heroic feat in MLM prospecting.

From a simple challenge, my student Kamil Migas prospected 187 people in 6 days, inside, learn how YOU can connect with more people too!

TESS Gets People OUT of Their Comfort Zone

A couple times a year I open up my Top Earner Success School. Kamil Migas, hailing from Poland, is one of my current TESS students and he is a rockstar!

I put together assignments, games and challenges all geared toward pushing people out of their comfort zone and onto bigger ranks, higher paychecks and bigger thinking and Kamil REALLY stepped up to the plate to grab the first place prize in my MLM prospecting challenge. The challenge was to connect with as many cold market people you could in a 6 day period, well, he took it seriously and connected with 187! Below you can hear our interview together and hopefully it will help you with YOUR mlm prospecting efforts!

Interview with MLM Prospecting Go-Getter Kamil Migas!

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To Your Abundance!

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PS: This guy is sharing how he gets leads from Facebook using VERY simple videos, pretty dang cool (and he is a coaching client of mine) – Watch His 3 Step Formula Here

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