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How do you get a customer to want to do the business?

Here I share a SIMPLE strategy to get more customers to join the business.

MLM Customers

Well, first of all, know that there’s nothing wrong with customers.

I’ve had people say, “Well, I just got a bunch of customers.” And I say, “Congratulations.”

Having a customer is not bad, and it’s so critical for network marketers to get this.

It’s not that you’re only a value to me if you’re promoting the business. Please don’t have that attitude because one, volume is what drives this entire profession and industry and so you want more volume. You WANT more customers. Having customers keeps you more legally safe.

And, you can have customers for the rest of your life that never make a dime but are happy because they like your product or service.

Just understand that there’s nothing wrong with customers.

Customers Into Business Builders

I will give you some strategies to increase the chances of you getting customers that turn into business builders. However, don’t be addicted to that.

Don’t ever make a customer feel bad for not being a business builder. Don’t ever try to shame them or guilt them or high pressure them or anything like that.

If you have great customers, don’t push them. Don’t let it be known that they’re disappointing you or else they’ll go be customers somewhere else.

What usually won’t work on them is big money talk.

If you’re calling up your customers and saying, “Hey. My guy Joe. He’s at $10,000 a month now, man. You really should promote this thing.” Well, $10,000 a month to most normal people is like talking about a billion dollars a month. For most people, they just can’t conceptualize making an extra $10,000 a month. Most people, they can’t even vision that.

If you have a customer group where you don’t talk about building the business so much, but you talk about maybe recipes or different travel reviews, whatever it is that your niche is. Whatever your product or service is, having a customer group where they get love, where you share testimonials, where you share stories, where you share different things that you’re up to that isn’t just hammering the business into their head.

Small Success Stories

What works in there is small success stories.

If you went into your customer group and you’ve been loving on them and you’ve been sharing recipes or travel reviews or book reviews or whatever it is that makes them feel fantastic, and makes them feel like they’re getting more value than just the purchase of your product or service, then go in there and just say, “Hey. I want to acknowledge Tracy. Tracy made an additional 20 bucks this week. Way to go, girl.”

Leaders, they think, “Twenty bucks? Really? I want people ready to run.”

Well, there’s a lot of people that will never run if all they ever see from you is the big money claims.

You will very likely have people say, “Well, how’d she make 20 bucks?” Because most people believe they can make 20 bucks. They don’t believe they can make 10,000 bucks, but they believe they can make 20 bucks.

So, share small, tiny success stories. “Hey. Way to go, Tina. She got her product free this month. Way to go, girl.” That right there, someone might say, “Well, how’d she get it for free?”

In fact, I think most of the time it’s a bad idea to lead with big money period. But, in your customer group especially. Don’t make it obvious that they’re disappointing you by talking about big money. Talk about the little things.

Talk about someone made an extra 20 bucks, 30 bucks, 40 bucks. If you talk about that sort of stuff, and you’ll be amazed at someone that will see that and be like, “Yeah, man. This makes so much sense.”

Did you find that helpful?

Let me know what you think in the comments below. And, feel free to share this with your teammates.

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