MLM CompanyIF your MLM company is growing AT ALL there are going to be negative reviews or slams about it on the Internet.

Here is how to handle that so you aren’t feeling defeated or losing signups and customers.

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Your MLM Company and Online Negative Reviews

The truth is, everything has something negative online about it. If you Google the Shriner’s Club, the Baptist Church, if you Google anything, anything that has any number of people that know about it, there will be someone out there that doesn’t like it or has put together something negative about it to intercept internet traffic.

To fully hammer this truth home, be sure to check out this video, it should actually really help you – Is MLM a Scam? (Having fun with online negative reviews)

One thing you need to understand is a lot of the bad reviews on any MLM company out there, a lot of the people that are complaining or have something negative to say about something else, they’re doing that so that they rank in Google and get traffic to whatever it is they are selling. Just keep that in mind.

IF someone comes to you claiming they found something negative online about your MLM company, here’s how I would react. I would just say, “Hey, what’s your favorite charity?” They would say, “Well I really like Make A Wish.” I assure you there’s someone out there bashing Make A wish and so I would just let them know, say, “Hey, you know what? Google, anyone, can make anything negative about it but here’s been my experience.” I’ve been able to use the product or service. I’ve met people who’ve had success. I’ve done this, I’ve done that, I’ve done this, I’ve done that. I would just label off all the reasons I know that my thing works and also I would discredit whoever is being negative out there and just say, “Hey, there’s something negative about everything.”

Now I will tell you one more powerful way to handle this and that is, before it actually happens. Now if you are aware that there’s negative stuff about your company out there and guess what, there is. If anyone knows about your company, there’s something negative out there, it’s just impossible for a company to grow at the speed that many network marketing companies grow and not have something negative out there. The best thing you can do is strike at it preemptively.

If you are sitting with a prospect and you know that your MLM company has some negative stuff out there, instead of hoping they don’t Google it, ask them this question. “Hey, I’m just curious, are you easily influenced by the opinions of others?”

If I say that, “Hey are you easily influenced by the opinions of others?” they’re going to tell me no, I’ve never had someone say yeah, I am.

I’m going to say, “Well, I’m just going to let you know, there’s a couple of things that if you’re serious about this business, you’re going to have people say it doesn’t work and they don’t know anything. You’re going to have people be negative about it and they don’t know anything about the company, they’ve never been in and you may even find things online where people are bashing it and they also have their own agenda. Just so we’re clear, there’s something negative about every MLM company online and if you search for the negativity, you’ll find it. Now it’s good to hear that you’re not easily influenced by the opinions of others so I think that we’re going to have a great working relationship and I’m here to support you and let’s make it happen.”

The below video shares this more in detail and it should really help you with how to react to someone that found something negative but also train them BEFORE they find anything negative. Feel free to share and comment if you get value!

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