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Uh Oh – Is MLM a Scam?


Ever have someone ask you “Is MLM a Scam?” Let me guess…they “googled it”. Here’s a funny way to respond and keep on trucking!

Well, IS Network Marketing Legal?

If you want the loong answer, read this. The question is, why wouldn’t it be legal if the product is legitimate? Over and over, year after year, all the baloney popular objections have been disproved. The uneducated concern of only people at the top make money has been constantly disproved with reps joining a new company and blowing up the compensation plan.

The real question is why have the masses been brainwashed to believe that ANYTHING outside of a “job” must be illegal, pretty brilliant by the powers that be to keep people in the status quo (since most are so happy with this model) but that is for another blog…

In case you are curious, in the US alone, direct sales and network marketing numbers were up 5.9% last year putting total sales from network marketing just in the US at $31.63 billion.

The Truth About Most People

Do you want to know why the media is CONSTANTLY talking about negative stuff? Because that is what gets the attention of the masses. The masses have been programmed to locate the negative stuff about anything that could potentially be positive. Rest assured that Google is an information source but it is also subject to the power of marketing. Which one would you click first if you were considering joining a network marketing company called Liquido?

– Click here to determine if Liquido is a good and upstanding business and can greatly benefit you and your family
– Is Liquido a Scam? Did it kill 7 children in Guatemala?

More than likely you would click the scam headline right? Understand that marketers KNOW this and that is why they title their videos and blogs this way. So, are you a puppet or are you a discerning human with a brain? Now, this does NOT mean that ALL network marketing companies are NOT scams, but look at the track record of the founders, company, and do they have an actual product.

Fun Video: Is MLM a Scam?

Was that fun or what? Seriously, I didn’t pre-plan all of that and hopefully you thought it was as funny as I did. So the next time someone says they googled it or asks is MLM a scam, you will think of this little video and have a chuckle. If you have ever had one of your teammates blown up by this super silly objection, feel free to share this and comment below which search you liked most lol

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