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If you aren’t sure how to market yourself, this will help.

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Marketing Tips to Market YOU

Most people are trying to get themselves out there. Number one, when you get your website out there, do you have a way to actually collect the information of the people that visit you or that check you out?

I see a lot of people that have websites or that have blogs that aren’t persuasive to get the traffic that visits that website into their email list. Let me tell you, there’s one main reason that we blog, and that is to build our email list so that we can more easily communicate with people that are interested in what we have to offer.

Do a quick test, if you are a blogger, how much is your blog earning you per month? Depending on what we are promoting we generate between $1 and $10 per unique visitor per month on this blog. Notice we don’t focus on having a ton of ads, we focus on having a ton of content, consistently.

Here are some marketing tips to help you out, you want to have an infrastructure that is conducive to you actually building a business. Know that most people aren’t ready to purchase your product, service, or opportunity right in the beginning. They need to be educated first, and they may even need to know you more and get educated. They need to get educated, and they typically need to know you a little bit better before they join your team, buy your product, or purchase your service.

Instead of having a great sales page that sells your product, service, or opportunity — not that you shouldn’t have those things, you should — instead of just having that, you should have ways to get people warmed up by getting them on your email list so you can communicate to them. The best way to do that, in my opinion, is to put out content that is educational and value-based.

Here’s how you know if you have education and value-based stuff out there. Does someone gain value from you and your online content, whether they join your team or purchase your product or not? If everything that you’re pushing out there, they can only capture value if they buy something, then you’re not an education marketer, and that is my absolute suggestion, is be an education marketer. I quote him all the time, but Jason Fried said, “Out-teach your competition.” What value are you putting into the marketplace?

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