mlm teamDo you want to build a local MLM team but your upline has disappeared?

This will dive into how to build a large MLM team even if your upline is not there to help you at all.

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Want to Build a Local MLM Team but Got no Upline??

The question really is, how do you build a local team? If you have to attach your success onto anybody external of you, you have an infinite chance you won’t succeed.

If someone says how do I build my local team without spouse support? How do I build a local team when I’m handicapped. How to build a local team when you’re in a small town. How to build a local team when you had a bad childhood. You can change that to, how to build a local team? If you’re asking a question that’s designed in a way that has a built in reason for struggle or non-success, there’s a good chance you won’t make it happen. I can assure you that some of the very best recruiters on planet Earth, some of the best builders on planet Earth, inside the network marketing profession, their uplines went missing in action a million years ago but they still built a local or even international MLM team.

In September, we’re having a prospecting and recruiting summit where we’re bringing in the best of the best. We’re going to teach prospecting and recruiting pretty hard core. We’ve got multiple million dollar a year earners inside network marketing that we’re going to train them there and it’s just going to be awesome. In the below video I share a quick story about one of the speakers that shares a story about who introduced him to Network Marketing.

You need to completely eradicate your mind that you require anything external. If you’re upline is just the devil and they just constantly tell you that “You’ll never make it!” Throws rocks at you every time you walk by him, you need to be able to build even with all that. If your upline is absent, if your upline is satan, if your upline is just someone that hates your guts, you need to build anyway.

I know some people that have said “You know what? I don’t want to make my upline any money because they’re not helping me in any way.”

Okay that makes sense. That makes perfect sense. Let me steep in poverty and suck at time freedom. That’ll prove them! That’ll show them! Makes no sense.

The below video shares a lot more on this topic of building a local or international MLM team without upline support and I hope it helps you. Feel free to share with teammates and here are some more resources that may benefit you.

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