mlm tipsShould be some helpful MLM tips in here for you if you have ever struggled with your upline.

I hope you have an awesome upline but just in case you don’t…

MLM Tips for those with a Bad Upline

What NOT to do is to not produce because you don’t want to make them any money. I know people that do that. I know people that say well I’m not going to work this business because I don’t want to make that damn up line any money.

It makes no sense.

“Let’s not make them any money and in the process let’s us go broke.”

Here’s my suggestion and what I’m trying to do for you here is help you build in the habit of excellence. Wherever you are, give it your all. Go all out and if you develop those muscles, if you start being the type of person that shows up big time no matter what you do, not matter what room you walk into, you give it your all, that will become a habit. If you find little wussy excuses to not produce then that’s the habit you’re developing.

When you go to another company you’re going to find another reason to play small and then there will be another reason to play small, and then there will be another reason to play small, and then another reason to play small.

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