10 Ways Network Marketing Uplines Mess Up


This is an indepth article about 10 ways Network marketing uplines blow it.

There are things that network marketing uplines sometimes do to lose their teammates and sabotage their career, this should help.

I am Not Immune…

Some of these ten things I have unfortunately screwed up. Every year for the last two years my biggest category of learning has been in the team building and duplication areas. Even though my wife and I were the number one income earners in our last company, there are always ways to get better and learn more and we certainly have done both.

I truly hope this article helps some existing and future network marketing leaders create the life they deserve without making some of these bonehead mistakes that might prevent their success.

10 Mistakes that Network Marketing Uplines Make

(These are not necessarily in order)

Warning: This post may not make me very popular with certain uplines. However, I feel those who follow my trainings deserve the truth and a pinpoint dissection of things that are either making uplines look bad or preventing them from bigger success. Leave me a comment below if you appreciate this level of candor.

1. They bash what they supposedly used to love. Even see network marketing uplines hop to a new company just to bash the company they used to be in and used to tout as the best thing? This is one of the stupidest things that can ever be done, for multiple reasons.
A) Do they care so little about their old upline and the company founders that they want to burn those bridges?
B) All the people they recruited and told them it was awesome, no integrity issue there huh?
C) Don’t they know that bashing something will only attract those that like the negative crap?
D) Might they have some people still working their last deal that could do well if they didn’t bash it?

2. They tell their downlines to not study anything but what is taught from the company. The extreme ones bash teammates that break their rule. They lump all trainers that aren’t in their company as evil and bad. The interesting part of this point is uplines that bash all other trainers as a whole are losing some of their best people. Almost every week I hear from a decent leader that is sick of their upline being so controlling to bash any education outside of them or their company. I have HUNDREDS of testimonials of people that have gotten better results as a result of going through my training, and MANY of these are people in other people’s team or downline. We aren’t in 1941, the idea of burning books and bashing trainers is too draconian for today’s information age. This most certainly does NOT mean that all network marketing trainers mean well or are awesome, but, not all of them are terrible. You cannot build a mental hedge high enough to hide all outside training from your people, if you know that to be true, then embrace the good ones or make suggestions of where you are doing outside learning. NOTE: This is NOT bashing company training, you should absolutely follow company training and attend company events, it just isn’t too smart to bash ALL outside training (in my opinion).

3. They make people feel bad. I certainly agree with pushing people to hit their goals but if you are pushing EVERYONE, even ones that haven’t told you they are coachable, you run the risk of pushing too hard and making people feel bad. People in your team that feel bad won’t tell you, they will just disappear. Create a culture where everyone feels good and the ones that want to step up get additional energy and coaching to help them hit their goals is my suggestion.

4. They have all the answers. This one may sound funny but if you as the upline have all the answers and you are simply answering the questions of your downline, you aren’t teaching them an easy to duplicate way to build their business. You need to teach to teach, meaning, teach your downline where to get their answers AND go one more step and teach them how to help THEIR reps when their reps ask them questions. For years I was the answer guy as I thought that was a duty of the upline, now I constantly point to resources and teach my downline to do the same.

5. They bash someone from learning what they do for marketing. I’ve seen network marketing uplines that have their own courses, books, blogs, etc totally bash learning marketing. Now, to be clear, I do NOT suggest everyone has to do all the stuff that I do but I would never bash the desire to learn more about the marketing side of Network MARKETING. You do NOT need to become a master of marketing to crush it in network marketing AND being good in marketing does NOT guarantee success in network marketing. I’ve seen this profession chew up very smart marketers and spit them out as they don’t understand culture, community, etc but that doesn’t mean it’s bad to learn marketing.

6. They teach warm market prospecting only. You know who teaches warm marketing only? Someone who has a great warm market and simply doesn’t understand that a percentage of their team does NOT have a great warm market. Why would you not teach your team to prospect while they are out or reach out to people on Facebook? Understand that some of us (me included) have been in a lot of different opportunities over the years and this isn’t our first time calling upon our friends and family members with a new deal.

7. Similar to number three, they rule with an iron fist. I had planned on being in my first network marketing company forever but, just kept having issues with my upline diamond. I am NOT saying I was blameless as I didn’t understand A LOT about team building and duplication, however, the way in which my ignorance was treated was atrocious. The final straw was when the upline diamond called me and one of my top leaders out in front of a crowd in our home town. Had things like that NOT happened, I might have stayed in that company. Even though I am grateful it happened, it really didn’t have to. Understand that network marketing is a volunteer army and IF you make people feel AND look bad, you will lose someone that might have ended up being quite the producer.

8. They get comfortable. You need to work on your skills ALWAYS and IF you believe your company is awesome, why would you ever stop recruiting? It doesn’t matter if you are making a million a month, you still need to sharpen your skills. It is easy to get comfortable when you are crushing it and not continue your self-development but it is a mistake. Just because you are the number one earner in your company, making lots of money, why not show your teammates what is possible by crushing out an even higher rank?

9. They don’t brand themselves outside their company. I could write an entire book on this one (actually, I am). I have met dozens of former top earners that for one reason or another, they aren’t top earners anymore. Maybe the company went out of business or they quit the company to pursue something shinier but ALL of them wish they had branded themselves so that people outside their company knew them. This subject is too complex to cover in one bullet but, why not create videos or content to help your target market and attract people to you so that YOU become the brand. This is EXACTLY what I am teaching in my Marketing Mastermind workshop in January.

10. They forget to create a lifestyle they love. There are a whole host of things related to number four in this list that can sabotage your actuall happiness. You need to think like a business owner and use events and tools to relieve your work efforts. IF your team is only producing when you are around, you have totally missed the RESIDUAL part of the residual income model. You can have a thriving business without you breaking your neck every hour of the day and conducting 42 three way calls per day.

I honestly hope these tips help you. Feel free to share them with anyone you feel might benefit and comment below if any of them jumped out to you as useful OR even if you disagree with me on any, feel free to comment below too =)

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