How do you keep track of your Network Marketing Prospects?

Here is a simple way to keep track of who you’re contacting that will get you WAY more results when recruiting.

Keep Track Of Your Network Marketing Prospects

You know me. I never did anything fancy. Neither did my wife. My wife used a notepad. She would just have names, numbers with a date at the top. She would make little notes and she would just flip through that book when she was looking to call more people. Not a very complex thing.

I had something probably even simpler. When I’d talk to a prospect sometimes I would have it in my notebook. But a lot of times I would just go ahead from that call and I would schedule a follow up inside my iPhone calendar. I would just put a little note with a date and an alert on when to call that person back.

People Who I Don’t Follow Up With

Now the only time that I just wouldn’t follow up with anyone is if they were like super nasty.

Like if they just called me all kinds of names and cursed me out or something like that. Or if they just had a really, really terrible attitude. I’m NOT going to follow up with them. Because quite frankly I don’t want them in my team. That’s even when I needed money to eat.

I think some people they think, “Well, that’s for you to say Ray. You know, you got money.” But it’s that attitude that helped us create success. I didn’t just develop that once we reached some level of success or something. It’s just I truly do value my time and there’s some people I just don’t want to work with. So if someone is real negative, nasty, bad attitude, I just don’t want to work with them. I just wouldn’t follow up with them.

How To Follow Up

I love to follow up with people when I have some kind of an update.

I don’t like reaching out to people and saying, “Hey, have you changed your mind? You know, let me know.” I just can’t stand that. It’s just ridiculous. I would rather call with an update.

An update could be, “Hey. You know, we talked last month, and I know it’s not a fit for you, which is totally cool. But hey, I just won a cruise and I’m reaching out to you to see if you know anyone that would like to make some extra money if we show them step by step how to do it.”

Or, “Hey Joe. Joe, we talked last month. And I know it’s not a fit for you and that’s totally cool. But listen, I was at an event and I heard this teacher just crushing it. And I know that you are a teacher. And just curious, do you know any teachers that would like to make some extra money if we show them step by step how to do it?”

I ALWAYS like the update. I have some kind of update where you reach out to them, telling them something cool that’s going on, or something that’s happened, or some kind of story.

For more tips on Following Up with Prospects, check out the video below.

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