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Use Events for Your Blogging Content

One challenge marketers face is how to write a blog or more precisely, how to constantly come up with fresh content. This quick post will share how I use events to come up with great blogging content and how you can too.

My Favorite Source of Blogging Content

As you may know if you have been on my list for any length of time, blogging is one of my daily methods of marketing. If I can give you some blogging tips the biggest ones would be be consistent! In order for you to be consistent you have to continuously locate ways to get new blogging content..my very favorite source is events.

Example: How I used Yanik Silver to Produce Blogging Content

I love leverage and events represent the highest form of leverage for me. I network with cool people, learn new things and get plenty of new blogging content from my notes and experiences. I have learned the most, by far, from events so I am constantly investing in myself to get the best knowledge in my industry. For example I am sitting in the airport right now to head to Phoenix for Infusion Con, a very high en event for listbuilders and product sales. The airfare alone was $700 per person (something about being around Easter or something) but I know I will get a ton of new blogging content, meet some new people and learn a few things too.

Recently I attended the Yanik Silver event up in Washington, DC. This was a $2,000 event ticket, plus of course travel and expenses and it was a 3 day event. At the end of each day I created youtube videos summarizing what I learned and here is what’s powerful about that simple little approach to events…those three videos resulted in over 5,600 views, and multiple recruits into my primary network marketing company and the attraction marketing system I use! All from just attending an event, paying attention, and providing value to others from what I learned!

Exactly How to Create Blogging Content From An Event

There are two big events coming up, the No Excuses 3 summit and my Home Business Mastermind. People that are smart and invested in themselves and their business by getting tickets to these events are going to have some killer blogging content that they learn and they can then use to attract more prospects and customers.

Those that attend either or both of these events will have a huge advantage over their online competitors that do not, here is a checklist to get the most blogging content out of these events:

1. Take lots of pictures, especially with the speakers
2. Take action notes for yourself, your audience will appreciate those types of notes that they can also implement.
3. Be aware of what problems your target prospects struggle with and how what you are learning at these events can help them.
4. Network with the speakers to add a little flare to your blogging content.

Events are Certainly More Than Just Blogging Content

My biggest breakthroughs have come from attending events. I highly suggest you get tickets to both of the high value events I mention in this blog. I am offering some serious bonuses for those that buy their No Excuses from my link and the price on the Mastermind will be increasing shortly. If you buy tickets through me to No Excuses, I will do a video with you in Vegas that you will be able to use on your blog AND, I will then promote your blogpost to my Facebook group of 13,000 and my twitter list of 60,000. Happy Hunting and see you at the events!

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