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My Notes from The Yanik Silver Underground Seminar!

OK, so today was day 2 at the Yanik Silver Underground Online Seminar (seriously long name) and I wanted to give up the goods. Yes, I had to pay $2,000 to be here but just for being a reader of my blog, you get all the little marketing tidbits I have learned at no cost..is that cool? If so, please click the “+1” button at the very top of this blog, sorta off to the left to show me some love! Did you do it? OK, proceed to my video notes!

What About Day 1?

I sent out my Yanik Silver Underground Day 1 video yesterday and people really liked it so figured I would do a video breakdown of my own personal notes again today. Keep in mind, I am a Network Marketer that uses the Internet not just an affiliate or online marketer (not that there is anything wrong with that) so I look for ways to use the Internet to build more community, and of course get more traffic and leads for the Home Based Business niche.

This is a really great seminar if you want to get a ton of different viewpoints from different marketers that are having success. I would highly suggest you attend this event if you have been marketing online for at least 1-2 years as it is a little more advanced than any I have personally been to (not that I am a techie).

Yanik Silver Underground Seminar

Daegen Smith and I

Pinterest, SEO, Facebook and More

Today, like yesterday, there was a lot of talk about SEO and social media stuff. I talk about it more extensively in the two videos I have done from the event but some really cool youtube suggestions as well as Facebook.

Really Cool Takeaway

I thought one of the coolest takeaways came from fitness guru Dustin Maher on how to write a book in one day. Here are the steps he suggests (and what he followed to write this book)

1. Write out 10 topics
2. Write out 5-10 sub-topics
3. Each sub-topic should have a few questions that should be answered
4. Have someone interview you, record it and transcribe it
5. Hire a ghostwriter to put it all together for you

Pretty cool right? He finished his book in 7 hours..and here I thought it was tough! =) Anywho, enjoy the video where I got into all the nitty gritty of my notes and hope you learn something!

Video from Yanik Silver Underground Seminar


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