Are you a nervous nelly when bringing up your business or product to new people?

Here are some SIMPLE concepts to use when you’re going to Prospect Strangers.

Prospect Strangers With Your Business (Or Product)

1. Start The Conversation

My wife, she used to work at the Nordstrom makeup counter. For that may not know, Nordstrom is kind of known for their customer service. That’s one of their core values.  Well, they teach at Nordstrom that when a potential customer is approaching you or you see a potential customer drop them a compliment. SIMPLE. Right?

You’re meeting someone for the first time or you’re at whatever. It depends on the situation. If you’re just in the doctor’s office or you’re just running into someone at the soccer field or something like that, give them a compliment. Find something. Compliment their earrings, their purse, their shoes, their watch, their hat, their whatever. Drop them a compliment. Ask them a question.

It might look something like, “Oh, my god. I really like those shoes. Do you mind if I ask where you got those?” People, like to talk about their stuff and they like to talk about themselves too, so allow them to. Allow them to.

2. Don’t Be So Eager

Now, the basic tenets of human communication are kind of learn to not be so eager to bring your stuff up. Just flow with the conversation. Don’t be weird. If you find yourself feeling weird speaking to other humans … I know that sounds funny, but I know some of you probably feel weird talking to humans. I would highly recommend the book How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie. Invest a little bit of time in your ability to communicate with human beings.

What’s interesting to me is before someone enters network marketing they have the ability to speak to humans. When they enter, when they cross that threshold and now they’re a network marketer. A lot of people lose that ability because it’s all about business. How do I approach people? When do I sell them? How do I get them? Right?

A lot of people kind of lose their minds when they enter network marketing. Instead of saying, “Hey, I would like to order a cup of coffee,” it’s, “Would you join my business?” They’re like, “Oh, I meant, can I get a cup of coffee?” People lose their minds. It’s crazy.

3. Bringing Up Your Business Or Product

At some point, you’ve interacted, as a human … Way to go! You’ve interacted as a human being and it’s at a point where maybe it’s appropriate to pop the question. The question you’ve been so eager to pop. I’m going to caution you because more network marketers talk themselves out of a sale rather than into a sale. I have invented, it’s kind of like a governor. It’s a governor to prevent you from saying too much and I call it a break in communication.

Now, if you’ve been following my training for any length of time you’ve heard me talk about this before.  I’m going to have a compliment and a question. Basic communication and then I’m going to drop a break in communication and I’m going to look at my watch, or look at my phone and say, “Ah, you know what? I’ve got to jump on this conference call, run and get my kids, jump on a conference call. I’m got to get on a webinar. I’ve got to go to this event. I got to go.” I’m going to have something that is causing a break in our conversation.

I’m going to say that before I pop the question. I’m going to say, “Hey, I’ve got to jump on this conference call. But, hey, you know what? It’s been a real pleasure talking to you. Listen, I’m just throwing this out there. Don’t know if this is something that would even remotely interest you, but I’m just curious. Would you be at all open to a side project if it didn’t interfere with what you’re currently doing?”

Now, what they will say is, “What is it?” That’s where you typically fall to pieces. That’s where you’re like … This is a thing my daughter does. She kind of grabs my lips aggressively and tries to make me do … This is where network marketers, they kind of meltdown and they get into a weird fit of Tourette Syndrome. “Downline. BMW. Commissions,” and they just kind of go bananas.

No worries. I’ve actually helped you because you’ve preemptively dropped the break in communication, so you have a reason not to spend the next 45 minutes blathering industry logo that they don’t understand. You’re able to get the heck out of there. What you say when they ask, “Well, what is it?” You say, “As I mentioned, I do got to jump on this conference call, but tell you what, give me your information. I promise I’ll reach back out to you. I’ll explain it to you. Again, it may or may not be a fit for you, but I do promise. Let me get your information. I promise I’ll reach back out to you and let you know.”

For more on How To Prospect Strangers With Your Network Marketing Business, check out the video below.

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