How do you invite people to a home meeting?

In this post I share What To Say when Inviting people. And the #1 Way to Market your Network Marketing Meeting to get people Showing Up being Fired Up!

Inviting People to your Network Marketing Meeting

What you say when inviting people to your meetings depends on WHO you’re inviting. It depends on how they view you. Are you close friends or do you barely know them?

Inviting People You Are Close To

So if you’re close with someone you don’t have to put on a big sales job. Let me say that again. If you’re close with someone, you don’t have to put on a big sales job.

Just say, “Hey, I’m doing this thing at my house. It’s going to talk about a product that I’m doing and a business that I’m doing. I respect you. I think you respect me. I’d like for you to come and check it out, and if it’s something that you don’t like or whatever I’ll never approach you about it again, but I would love your support just to come and check it out.”

Be nonchalant, non-pushy, non-salesy, non-hypey.

I’m not aware of a trainer that teaches differentiation. Just about all network marketing trainers teach you the same approach no matter who you’re talking to, which doesn’t make sense. If you’re doing a big sales pitch to someone close to you it’s strange. They’re like, “Why are you doing this?” Just ask them. Say, “I’d love for you to come. Come check it out. Certainly no pressure, but I’d love for you to come. I’d love to see your support. Come out, hang out for a night. You may hate it. You may love it. I don’t know, but come out.”

Inviting People You Are NOT Close To

Now, if you’re trying to approach someone and get them to a meeting that you don’t know so well (or you don’t know what all), you’re going to talk about benefits. I would just think about your product, what benefits does it have, and Focus on BENEFITS. Now, these benefits should be in all of your marketing.

If you look at most network marketers, what do they put on their flyers? A lot of you guys do these cool flyers on Facebook. But the problem is you don’t even talk about one benefit. It’s like, “Grapity Grape meeting. We got superstars coming from out of town all to talk about Grapity Grape,” right?

Grapity Grape being whatever company you’re in. No one wants Grapity Grape. They want the benefits of Grapity Grape. So stop blasting, because let me tell you. Anyone that lays eyes on that flyer no longer needs to go to the meeting. Why? Because if someone is actually interested and they see the name of your company, guess what they do? They have this little-known resource out there. It’s called

When they see something that’s interesting, they Google it. Which means they search the inter-webs for information about that particular thing. So when you’re saying, “Come learn about Grapity Grape,” they no longer need to. They’re going to draw their own conclusion, and what conclusion could that be? Well, when they Google it, guess what? They find the person in North Dakota that calls it a pyramid and they say, “Ooh, that seems nasty. I’m not going there,” right?

That’s the conclusion that they draw. They do their own research because you’ve given them the keys to the kingdom. You might as well say, “Hey, if you’d prefer to Google this rather than get dressed up, shower, shave, and drive to a meeting, here’s the company name.” That would be an interesting flyer, right? “Hey, if you’d rather come to a meeting, get dressed up, wait in traffic, perhaps battle the cold, then here it is, or you can just Google it. Thanks, guys.”

How To Market Your Network Marketing Meeting

Stop making your marketing materials Google-able. Stop it. Focus on benefits. I want people scratching their heads saying, “Hmm, this says that it’s going to teach seven ways to improve my credit. This says it’s going to teach a brand-new way to lose weight in 14 days. Hmm, interesting. That sounds neat. I’d like to do that.”

Focus on benefits. “This says it’s going to share with us four ways to make money from home. Hmm. Wonder what that’s about. Wonder what it is.” “This says it’s going to share with us the three powerful ways to look younger. Awesome. I want to do that.” “This says it’s going to share with us ways to de-stress, how to feel better if you’re in a stressful environment. This says it’s going to teach mommies how to get better nutrition to their babies,” without the company name.

Features VS Benefits

If you want to get more people to meetings, if you want to get more people to do anything, benefits! Some people are like, “Well, what’s a benefit?” You’ve heard features versus benefits, right? The steak versus the sizzle.

Another way to word it which is very powerful, I think, is there’s What it IS and What it DOES.

What it is, is a whey protein with 58% branching amino acids with isoleucine and valine. And it’s got a little bit of arginine, ornithine, some lysine to help battle that ammonia. You’ve got carnitine in there because it moves the brown fatty cells through the mitochondria. That’s what it is, which no one gives a rat’s behind about, but then there’s what it does.

What does? Well, it makes you feel better. It helps you with losing some of that stubborn belly fat, and the next time you run into your ex their job is going to hit the floor because you look so damn good. See, that’s benefits. That’s what it does, so focus on benefits in your flyers, in your marketing. Stop marketing your company name. This is no disrespect to company names. I’m just trying to make you more effective!

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