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How to Communicate on Facebook


Ever have trouble connecting with people on social media? Like you are connecting and then it’s like you have the plague? Haha, this post will help you on how to communicate on Facebook.

Using Facebook for Business

I saw Gary Vaynerchuck speak in Phoenix earlier this year and he said exactly how I feel, If social media didn’t help me build my business, I wouldn’t spend so much time on it. However, he also said “Marketers ruin everything” and he is absolutely right. If you don’t understand how to communicate on facebook then you could just be another pushy crazy on Facebook that everyone wants to avoid.

Best Analogy to How you Should Conduct Facebook Communication

You ready for this? I heard this a long time ago and it is so true. The best way I want you to think about how to communicate on Facebook is to pretend you are at a house or cocktail party. Let me give you some examples so you fully understand…

Last night my wife and I went to a party at my buddy Gabe’s house and had a game night where the guys dominated some Taboo against the poor ladies (it got ugly), and I met a few new people there, let me share what I said and then compare it to how most people pitch on Facebook for business:

My Version of Normal
Me: Hey bro, my name is Ray, what’s Yours?
Dude: Hey Ray, I am Chris
Me: You live close to here?
Chris: Yeah, down the street
Me: Cool, me too, what do you do?
Chris: I am a golf pro at (somewhere), you?
Me: I do Internet marketing and help people with a home business, how did you get into Golfing?
Chris: ……..

So, a normal conversation right? Perfectly normal for a party right? So, let me share with you how most people operate on Facebook and what NOT to do as it would be weird…

How most people communicate on Facebook
MLM Rookie: Hey, I am crazy, what is your name?
Dude: Chris, nice to meet you!
MLM Rookie: Would you be open to making money from home if I could show you a way that didn’t interfere with what you are doing?
Chris: Huh?
MLM Rookie: It’s real simple, we have a 3 step process and you can make $10,000 your first month, check out this website real quick (whipping out iPad)
Chris: Who invited you again?
MLM Rookie: It’s seriously a no brainer, ground floor opportunity and you don’t wanna miss out!
Chris: Walking away

Now, isn’t that weird? Then why do that sort of thing on Facebook? First rule of Facebook communication, be a human being not a pitch machine. This free post may help you as well – Ultimate Facebook Recruiting Resource

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