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The Ultimate Facebook Recruiting Resource

  If I had to pick ONE focus to use online to build my network marketing business, it would be Facebook recruiting. This post has the best video and even an mp3 on this topic to help you really get results.

Why Get Better At Facebook Recruiting?

Because you seriously have an unlimited amount of people to talk to on there. AND, truth is, if you get better at Facebook recruiting you will naturally get better at recruiting from any other lead source. Also, Facebook is a built in promotion engine too that allows you to celebrate new people joining your team and post pictures of you enjoying lifestyle or attending events.

Recruiting with Facebook got Bill & Michelle 21 New Reps Last Month!

My friends Bill and Michelle Pescosolido are two of the hottest recruiters in our industry, they also happen to be driving a TON of duplication in their team which is seriously shocking the online MLM guru's and guru bashers as this is something most online MLM'ers have NEVER been able to do...actually build a team. Well, Bill and Michelle are and to help  you boost your Facebook recruiting, I interviewed them on EXACTLY what they have done to recruit 21 people in less than 30 days last month alone. Listen to this exclusive audio here

Meet My Gorgeous Wife, the Facebook Recruiter

So Jessica is my wife (the one in the middle in the pic to the right) and she came out of college with a warm market that was only interested in partying, job offers of minimum wage, zero business experience AND, she was young and wondered who would ever listen to her. She turned to Facebook recruiting as she saw it as a way to reach out to people she didn't know and possibly get them to join our team. It didn't happen overnight but she eventually built to a $10,000 a month income using the strategies you are going to see in the below video.

How to Recruit on Facebook Video

Understand that it IS a numbers game but if you listen to the above audio and watch the above video, the odds have been increased in your ability to build your business on Facebook. If you appreciate this kind of training, please share and comment below ====Want More Lead Sources?==== 498 of you downloaded the 29 Sources of MLM Leads the other day, if you liked the audio, please leave a comment on the post! If you enjoyed this post please comment and share Ray Higdon Profile Image Ray Higdon Skype: ray.higdon Email: [email protected] Work With Me - Numis Network Image(s): FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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