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How to be Happy & Stop Worrying
About the Opinions of Others


Last night I attended my buddy’s landmark forum completion and today gonna share with you How to be happy by resisting the creating of stories.

What is Landmark Education?

I am a graduate of a transformational training called the Landmark Forum. Landmark education helped me create a relationship with my Dad after not talking to him for 13 years, and build a multimillion dollar business from being dead broke and in foreclosure.

My life did not turn around until I attended this amazing training. It is NOT an affiliate program and I don’t get a merit badge or toaster for telling you about it but I tell you about it because I want more people to know how to be happy.

How to be Happy and Stop Worrying

landmark education

One of the biggest sources of stress and worry, in my opinion, is how we constantly stress over the opinions of others and how we constantly live with stories we have made up.

The video explains a lot more of what I mean but basically in life there is always “what happened” and then there is our “story about what happened”. We take our story and make it the truth, which, is the cause of so much pain and unneeded stress. If you want to know how to be happy, stop living in a made up world and instead live in the reality. You can do something with reality, you cannot do much with your made up stories.

Video: Stop Creating the Opinions of Others

The training in this video can set you free. This is training that I received from the Landmark forum and it has seriously helped me have better relationships in my life and helped me learn how to be happy. I hope it helps you and know that YOU deserve a powerful life!

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