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How to Attack Those Goals For New Year

Holidays are over, lets get right to it. The excuses are gone and you are ready to achieve more (something) than you did last year. So, how do you attack and strategically go after your goals for New Year? This blog is a step by step on how you can achieve whatever it is that you want.

What are your 90 day goals for New Year?

This morning I read Eric Worre’s blogpost on goalsetting and it gave me the idea for this blogpost. Eric says to pick a 90 day goal, then define what you have to do each month to accomplish that 90 day goal, then, break the goals for new year down to what you have to do each week and eventually, break it down per day.

That is great stuff. If you click off this page now, you have already learned a powerful lesson on goals. However, let me help you out a little more. I agree with Eric in that most people fail to even think about their 90 day goals, they focus on an ominous, can’t be tracked annual goal that they “hope” to hit within 12 months. But, with no gameplan to attack it is almost certain that they will miss it. (also see My Goals & Tips Blog from a few days ago)

The gameplan to hit your goals for new year have to be do-able daily

I learned this from Darren Hardy’s book, the Compound Effect. It shed light on how I had failed at goals in the past. If the biggest mistake when setting goals for New Year is to NOT think in a 90 day timeframe, the second biggest mistake is designing a gameplan that simply WON’T be followed. If you are wanting to lose weight and you task yourself with working out two hours a day, well, 99% of people cannot keep that up past 14 days (if that). After you design your 90 day of where you would like to be, track it back to monthly, daily, etc and then determine, “Is the amount of action I have to take daily reasonable, repeatable and something I can stick with for 3 straight months?”

Sample Daily Action Plans

To Lose Weight – Walk 20 minutes when you wake on an empty stomach, do 100 situps, 20 pushups ever morning (doable, reasonable)
To Build Your Homebased Business – Invite 2-5 people per day to check out a presentation (live or online)
To Get More Traffic and Leads to your website – Create one piece of content every day (blog, video, article)

Those are just some samples for you, to help you formulate yours. What ideas do you have to attack and accomplish your goals for new year in a reasonable and repeatable fashion?

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