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Goals for New Year Ideas & Strategies

Are you ready for the New Year? I hope so! I wanted to share with you my goals for New Year and also share with you some suggestions to come up with your best new years resolutions as well. If you are serious about getting more results than you did last year in whatever category, you might enjoy some of my suggestions and my personal strategies.

Financial Goals for New Year

I am very blessed in that 2010 was my best financial year ever. I know this is NOT the case with a lot of people but after having two very learn years back to back, it was nice to crush it in 2010. So, what are my financial goals for New Year? Well, to continue doing what I am doing which is building nicely and I believe the new year will have me helping at least 12-20 people make over $100,000 next year from their homebased business.

When you are setting goals for New Year in this category, you have to understand that if you did not make what you wanted last year, you have to take different actions to get different results. In the above paragraph I talk about how I will help 12-20 people make 6 figures from home, if you want to make more money, focus on setting goals that will make you more valuable. Put more value out into the market and you will naturally make more money. Less about “making more sales” and more about “helping more people”.

Fitness Goals for New Year

Last year I had the best financial year ever, but, I also gained 30 pounds! You have to try hard to gain 30 pounds in one year I think, well, I accomplished it! Throughout my life when I have done really well financially I have gained weight and when I was dead broke I was ripped! So, my motto for next year is congruency. Being congruent with who I am in all areas of my life, not just some. Last year I excelled in business and in family relationships but lacked in diet and personal relationships. So, here is what I am doing to meet my fitness goals for New Year:

– Brief daily workout in the morning
– Following the Zone Diet
– Being Reasonable

In the past I have tried unreasonable things for diet and exercise and I suggest that if you have fitness goals for new year to focus on things that you can keep doing. 2 hour a day workouts won’t last for too many people and neither will zero carbs or starving. Be reasonable. I got started early on this, Christmas day I started on the Zone diet and it is now day 5 and I already feel a million times better. I like the Zone Diet as it is moderate carb, moderate fat and high protein and something that has a lot of tasty things you can have like guacamole, hummus, meat, fruits and veggies. A real cool page if you want to get into it is Zone Diet Restaurant Reviews.

Personal Goals for New Year

As I focused so hard on business this past year, I definitely let my personal relationships slip. Don’t get me wrong, my relationships with my immediate family and girlfriend are better than ever before. I feel very blessed in that area but there are a LOT of personal friends that if they were NOT working with me in my business, I simply did not talk to them. In my new year theme of congruency, I am going to fix this.

Don’t let personal relationships slip away so easily, especially if they are supportive relationships. Some people would do themselves good by dropping some of their friends, always remember, you are the average of your five closest friends. That may be scary news for some of you! Take the time to call those in your life that mean something to you. I also got a head start on this as I reconnected with three friends I had not been talking to in awhile and even have plans for the New Year with very good friends of mine that I have probably only spent an hour with the past 6 months. Don’t lose those important relationships guys, you never know when someone’s life is going to slip away and you won’t get the chance again.

Your Turn!

What are your goals for New Year and how do you see yourself accomplishing them? Would love to hear from you, just comment below on what your goals are and how you plan on hitting them. If you are BOLD, include why this years resolutions are different than last years and why you will hit them this time!

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