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Ready to quit your day job? Here’s why you shouldn’t be afraid to loose your health benefits.

In this training, I will share everything you need to know about going full time as a network marketer.

What You Need To Know About Health Benefits and Network Marketing

The question was asked; “Hey, what do network marketers do for health insurance? I’m in a job, I got benefits, and I’m concerned. I’m concerned about going full time because what am I going to do about benefits?”

Benefits, it’s a scary proposition that people will live their life so afraid of losing benefits.

They’ll stay in a job they don’t like, they’ll stay with a boss that doesn’t appreciate them, they’ll stay out of fear of “How much are my benefits going to be.”

Some Perspective:

So, I just want to point something out.

I worked hard in the corporate world and I worked my way up the corporate ladder and my highest year in the corporate world was $80,000. Now since then, and I had good benefits and all that, since then I had a weekend where I made $1.1 million. That was about 12 years worth of work in ONE weekend. I’ve had $300,000 webinars. I’ve had days where I made what I made in a year in one day. But, we will allow the fear of the unknown to keep us in a place that maybe we don’t want to be.

Now I’m not saying that my results are typical. I’m not saying everybody’s going to have these kind of results, I’m just saying what’s possible.

What’s Possible

Would any of those things that I shared with you been possible had I stayed in that job? The answer is no.

I couldn’t have done any of those things. I couldn’t have done it. Now could I have made an extra couple thousand bucks? Could I have matched my salary? Sure. But as far as making bigger dollars, I don’t think I could have.

My suggestion to you is find out.

Let’s get crazy, let’s say health insurance is $2,000 a month. Would that suck? Yeah, it would suck. Could you make an extra $2,000 a month or more than that in a full time network marketing business? Of course.

But see, that’s not even the point.  If you have a fear, go find out the fear.

Go Find Out

Call around and find out what are your options.

Because fear of the unknown will prevent people from ever stepping up and playing big in their life, whereas we’re in the information age, pretty easy for you to find out.

Now I’m not aware of network marketing companies that offer health insurance and things like that. But, I would find out. Ask around with your friends, make some calls, do some Googling around, and go locate some options for you so you at least know. Because if you never know, you may let the fear of the unknown.

What if you call and it’s like, “You know what, we’ve got a special plan and it’s $200 a month.” ….And you’ve stayed for years in a place you didn’t want to stay because of $200 a month? Come on, man. So, find out is the answer.

If you fear something, go find out. Go find out first so you at least know what you’re dealing with.

So let’s say it’s $2,000 a month. Well, maybe you build your business to where you’re matching your salary and $2,000 more a month. See, at least now you have a target.

Find out what do you need? What’s it going to take?

Going Full Time Network Marketer

I would also be very careful of when you go full time. And I know that this sounds strange, but I have two thoughts around going full time and leaving your job.

1. If you Can’t Build Your Business Part Time, You Also Can’t Build It Full Time

If you’re not building your business because you have a full time job, I’m here to tell you that if you leave that full time job, you still won’t build your business. It’s time management, not the abundance of time. Time management is much more critical.

So, I built my business when I was working for an insurance company, it was the last job I ever had. I was working for an insurance company, not health insurance. So I worked for an insurance company and I built my business on my lunch breaks and on the breaks. We got two breaks a day and our lunch break. I stopped hanging out with coworkers, I started making phone calls.

I think we got 90 minutes maybe. After eating the rest of the 90 minutes was me on the phone call, just making calls.

And so if you can’t build your business part time, probably not going to be able to build it full time either because the abundance of time isn’t what’s needed.

[clickToTweet tweet=”If you can’t build your business part time, you also can’t build it full time. -Ray Higdon” quote=”If you can’t build your business part time, you also can’t build it full time. -Ray Higdon”]

2. Full Time Is Trickier For You To Be Duplicatable

When you go full time, it’s a little trickier for you to be duplicatable. Because people now have a very ready made excuse.

They’re like, “Well, you’re full time. If I was full time, I could do it. You’re full time, you got all the time in the world. I work, I’ve got a job.” So you better keep that in mind.

When you leave that job to be a full time network marketer because it’s so shiny and awesome and you’ve got credibility.

When you do that, in a lot of people’s eyes, you’re less duplicatable. They’ll say, “Oh, well, you’re full time. Of course you can do it. If I was full time, I could do it too.” Which is a lie, it’s all about time management. But they have a ready made excuse by saying you’re full time.

So, if you’re a full time network marketer and you’re a parent, you may want to consider saying things like, “Hey, I’m a full time mom and I do this on the side. I’m a full time dad, and I do this on the side.”

Now I know that doesn’t tickle your credibility bone, I know that doesn’t give you the fancy title that you’re looking for (full time network marketer), but it’ll get you more duplication.

Did you find that helpful?

Let me know what you think in the comments below. And, feel free to share this with your teammates.

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