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Do you want to get more results out of social media?

Here’s exactly how to harness the power of social media recruiting by creating curiosity that your prospect won’t be able to resist.

Don’t Create Resistance

Resistance is that feeling that someone is trying to sell you something or get you to do something you don’t want to do and it doesn’t feel good.

The example that I use, because it just creates resistance in me:

Have you ever been walking through the mall, looking for some cool new threads, checking out some new sunglasses and you walk by the kiosk and the guys at the sea salt deal, they dap you with some sea salt.

And they’re like, “Hey, would you like to try some sea salt?” And that’s resistance. I’m like, “Get this off me, get it off me, get it off me bro.” I don’t want, I didn’t ask for it. I didn’t ask to be dapped with sea salt.

So, when people come into social media and they’re scrolling, scrolling, scrolling and they see, “Join my team, buy my product. It’s buy one, get one today. Here it is.”

It’s just like, “Man, what am I at a flea market? What am I at a swap meet? What’s going on here?”

It just looks salesy. And, it raises more resistance than curiosity.


Now, what about curiosity?

What if someone woke up and they’re like, “Man, you know what? Man, I really would like to join a network marketing business. You know what? I’m going to go on Facebook and just see what’s out there. All right. Here’s one. Wow, here’s one. This is amazing, this is awesome. Look at this one.

And they’re like, “Wow, you know what? This looks really good.” Well, guess what even the little curious will do. What will they do?

Will they:

A. Pull out their credit card and just click the link

B. Google it first

What Gets Attention

The media knows what gets attention.

What is CNN reporting right now? Is it reporting that Officer O’Leary just saved a cat from a tree in Chicago? Or is it doom and gloom, murder, racism, and sexism.

It’s all negative, right?

It’s all negative because that’s what gets human being’s attention, unfortunately. That’s the deal.

When your prospect googles your company, google gives them:

  • Grapity Grape saved my life.
  • Grapity Grape grew back my arm.
  • Grapity Grape gave me creamy skin.
  • Grapity Grape is a scam.

Guess which one they click?

They’re going to click the negative one every time.

So they click it and then they read that the owners of Grapity Grape worship Satan and that they beat puppies and they hate dolphins and they are just general non-do-gooders. And, they don’t reach out to you. You never even know that they were ever interested.

Be The Gate Keeper

So instead, we want to play a little bit of poker. Play a little bit of poker. But play a little poker here and say, “Man, I got a great hand. Man, things are going really well. Man, I’m really proud. I’m really proud of this person over here.”

We don’t reveal all the information.

If you want to actually get results from social media in your network marketing business, then start raising more curiosity that does not allow them to do their own independent research.

[clickToTweet tweet=”If you want to actually get results from social media in your network marketing business, then start raising more curiosity that does not allow them to do their own independent research.” quote=”If you want to actually get results from social media in your network marketing business, then start raising more curiosity that does not allow them to do their own independent research.”]

Once you name the company, once you name the product, now you’ve said, “Go look on Google. I’m sure it’ll turn out okay.”  You’ll never hear from them again.

They’re going to find some bad stuff man, bad stuff. And most of it’s not even true, maybe none of it’s any true.

Create Curiosity

Say, “Man, I’m so proud of my girl Susie. Susie started a new program, lost eight pounds in the last two weeks. Way to go Susie!”

Doesn’t it beg the question what are they doing? What are they using?

You got the cards. They have to come to you. “Oh, you want to know? I could tell you. We’ll have a little private conversation about it. No problem. Jump on the phone or something. I’m a little busy but, yeah we could chat about it.”

You hold the cards. Be the gatekeeper.

Now the truth is if you google anything you’ll find something negative. Anything, right?

Yeah, it’ll say, “Jesus walks on water.” “Yeah, because he couldn’t swim. Can’t even swim.”  You’ll find something negative about anything you google.

So, we don’t want to give them their independent research. We don’t want to equip them. We don’t want to weaponize them with all the information that they need. Why do they need you if they can just go google it? So you keep your cards tight.

Should You Delete Old Content?

If you’ve been plastering your company and product name all over my social media forever and ever. Do you go back and delete all that stuff? How long do you go back and delete old post?

Yes, it technically lasts forever… But then delete out the last 48 hours but then create new.

Create value, create education, create inspiration, share stories about your team that are getting different results inside of your company, without naming the company or the product.

Did you find that helpful?

Let me know what you think in the comments below. And, feel free to share this with your teammates.

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