network-marketing-business-product-featuredAre you looking to Grow your Network Marketing Business Fast? What if I told you that you could sell more and recruit more without even Mentioning Your Products?

In this post I will share 2 essential branding tips to help you stand out and crush it in your niche!

Branding Yourself Without Mentioning The Products

These 2 tips will help you attract masses of people and attract large audiences that will want to buy your product. Whether you are selling essential oils, weight loss products, extreme sports, financial services, or credit repair. Whatever it is, focus on these two things.

1. Focus On The Benefits.

One thing you need to understand is nobody wants your products. I know that may be tough to hear. No one wants it. Now, before you get defensive, before you’re like, “Well, people do want my products, Ray. You don’t understand. My products are awesome. No competition.” Before you go there, what I’m saying no one wants your products, they want the benefit of your products.

Probably the most famous analogy I’ve heard around this is nobody wants a drill. I’m not very mechanically inclined but I can tell you no one in the world wants a drill. No one. They want a hole. They need a hole. The drill will help them drill the hole so that’s the only purpose of that drill. What does a drill do except make holes? They don’t want your protein shake but they want to feel better. They don’t want your juice, but they may want to lose weight or get rid of pain or reduce inflammation. No one wants your product. They want the benefits of the product.

2. Position Yourself As An Authority

If I wanted to dominate and crush all competition, start a blog. Start providing value and become an authority.

I’m not saying you can jam flyers down people’s throat and you can make sales. You’ll hear it’s a numbers game. Well, I would just rather sell to the masses. I would rather just build a humongous following and sell to that following. That’s how I work. That’s how I roll. Now, I’ve done the cold calling. I’ve done door-knocking. I’ve done all that stuff. I just don’t want to do it. I’ve found it intellectually lazy for me to not learn how to attract masses of people and attract large audiences. That is what we teach inside the 3 Minute Expert.

For blog posts, I would look at benefits and let’s say benefit is looking younger. I’m going to expand upon that benefit. I’m going to write posts on Ten ways to look younger. Four foods to avoid if you want to look younger. Three shades of makeup that make you look younger. The two colors that should be in your wardrobe that will make you look younger and more beautiful. How to attract the man of your dreams even if you’re older.

Why? Why would you do all of that? “Well, Ray, I want to sell my product. I want to jam my product down their throat. Why am I talking about all this stuff?” Because your positioning yourself as an authority and building an your audience and building a following and a tribe. A tribe and an audience is much easier to sell to.

Create An Ebook

I would develop a very comprehensive ebook that I would sell for probably $5, maybe $10, something like that. Inside that book,  I wouldn’t even name  the product in the book. It’s crazy right?

But I would hint at them. Let’s say it’s a skin care product. I would say, “By the way, one of the most powerful ingredients that you can ever take to help your skin is glycomamajibiji.” Whatever. I’m making up stuff. “Glycomamajibiji is the number one ingredient. I happen to find the source of the purest and most awesome glycomamajibiji and if you already have glycomamajibiji, then feel free. I definitely recommend using it. If you’re looking for the purest form, based on all of my research, as an authority, feel free to reach out to me.”

For more on Branding Yourself without Mentioning the Products watch the video below.

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