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Do you want to get your Network Marketing Team excited and producing?

In this training I share the 2 steps for building a HUGE Downline.

The Magic Formula To Get Your Network Marketing Team To Produce

I think it’s a mistake to try to make everyone as excited as you.

My suggestion would be instead, respect and love everyone at whatever level of desire that they’re at.

1. Love Them At Their Level Of Desire

Understand that there’s safety in numbers, law of averages, you WILL run into people that are more excited than you. But only if you’re not addicted to every person being as excited as you.

If your teammates say:

  • I don’t want to build the business, I just want to be on the product. – Say “Fantastic!”
  • If I can make an extra $100 a month, that would be perfect for me. – Say “Fantastic!”
  • I want to kill this thing and make $50,000 a day. – Say “Fantastic!”

Be excited at whatever level of desire everyone is at. And, respect that, make them feel welcome, make them feel good.

Don’t make them feel less than because they have a less than excitement level or desire level than you do. If you don’t make them feel bad, you’ll grow a monumental team. You’ll grow an absolute empire.

It’s okay for people to have a less than your desire level. You can get people excited, but only if you keep them around the campfire.

2. Treat Your Team Like A Campfire

Your team should be like a campfire.

It should be like a campfire where people warm their hands, they feel good, makes them feel wanted, it makes them feel appreciated, regardless of their level of desire or level of results.

That campfire can take someone that came in as a customer and they see people getting results, they see people living bigger lives and accomplishing great things, and they may catch a spark.

Have you ever been sitting around a campfire and you catch a spark and it kind of burns your hand or something like that? The longer people stay around the campfire, they may catch a spark, and that’s okay.

If you’re like, “This campfire is only for really serious people, only people wanting to make big money,” then you’ll take all the people that ever could have caught a spark. And, they’ll say, “Oh, I guess this isn’t for me. I guess this isn’t the right team for me. I better go find something else, because I don’t want to disappoint this big timer, so I better go somewhere else.”

Did you find that helpful?

Let me know what you think in the comments below. And, feel free to share this with your teammates.

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