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Not sure if your vision is strong enough for what it takes to see HUGE success in your business?

Here I share exactly what kind of vision you NEED to create that will pull you to take action every single day.

How To Create An Unstoppable Vision That Will Motivate You To Produce

When leaders say, “You gotta have a why that makes you cry.” Well, I don’t think that’s as powerful as it could be. A why that makes you cry is usually, commercially digestible and external.

A Why That Makes You Cry Could Be:

  • I wanna retire my spouse
  • I want to help the homeless
  • I want to provide clean drinking water in Kenya

It’s something commercially digestible.  Meaning, when others hear of it, they’re like, “Oh, man, yeah, that’s good. That’s good stuff.”

They give you a little pat on the back. It’s commercially digestible. I’m not saying anything negative and I’m not saying those things are bad.

It’s just not as powerful as what I consider an actual vision.

A Vision Of Who You Want To Become:

  • When you step into the room, how do you want that room to react to you?
  • When people talk about you, what do you want them to say?
  • When you look in the mirror, what embodies the traits of the person you want to be looking back at you?

The vision of who you want to become, for me is more powerful than the things that I can have or the things that I can do.

The Things I Can Have:

  • Dream home
  • Fast car
  • Travel around the world

Those are things that you can have, but who are you being?

Who are you becoming? Who are you?

The Reverend Doctor Michael Beckwith, he says, “Pain pushes you until a vision pulls you.”

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I don’t think a vision of what you have (like a dream home), is compelling enough for most people to pull you through the tough times.

If you have a vision of who you want to become and the type of person you want to be has the power to pull you through the tough times.

Unfortunately, there’s a lot of people that I’ve met over the years, that have had the same “WHY” for five years.

“I wanna retire my spouse” for five years. Why hasn’t that happened yet? Maybe it’s because they get a pay off every time they say it.

I wanna become the type of person who’s able to retire my spouse. That’s a different story, a different dynamic. That’s a distinction.

The distinction is that I want to grow into that VS I want to just do that.

I think vision the most important thing. It’s more important than your ability to overcome objections like “What do I say to someone on Facebook.”

All of that little stuff is very easy when you have posture and when you have a vision that is dictating your consistency.

Do You Have A Vision That Is Pulling You?

One very easy way to tell if you have a vision or not is….. are you consistent?

Are you consistent?

For eight years, we have sent an email every day, except for maybe three-four days. They’re not automated. We write them every day.

A lot of times it’s a podcast, or a video or a blog post, or whatever else. But every day we write an email.

You can tell your level of vision by how consistently you show up.

If you show up once a month and you prospect one person, you completely lack a vision for what you wanna become.

I mean, you really do. Someone quoted me on this, but a vision is a ruthless dictator.

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What’s Driving You?

I do not have an option. I have to do what I do. My vision is a ruthless dictator. I’m in complete servitude to my vision. Forces me to do the things that I have to do. I have to show up.

It’s not a, “Awe man, I probably should do a video today. I should probably do a lot.”

I don’t have an option. It grabs me by my spine, picks me into the air, and sets me down and says, “Dance boy.”

That’s your vision, if properly constructed is a ruthless dictator that has you run through walls, that has you consistent every single day. It’s not like you have to remind yourself.

I don’t have to put a post-it note, make impact on someone today. My vision dictates it. I can’t put my head on the pillow unless I go and make an impact, unless I pour value into the marketplace. I’m handcuffed here. I’m in chains.

That’s when you know you have a vision is if you are showing up every single day, whether someone reminds you to or not, whether someone’s looking over your shoulder or not.

There’s not one day, where my wife is like, “Hey, you know, you probably should do a video or something.” No one tells me that.

That can be the good and the bad of working for yourself. If you’re at a job and you don’t do anything to progress in your job, then someone will probably tap you on the shoulder and fire ya, or say, “Hey. Get to work. Wake up.” You work for yourself, no ones there to do that. No ones knocking on my door, “Hey. Just making sure you’re working in there.”

It’s your vision. That’s the only thing that’s driving you.

Did you find that helpful?

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