Do you wonder, How To Create Content DAILY Online?

In today’s post I will share the importance of creating online content daily to ATTRACT People to YOU. And I’ll share EXACTLY How I do it.

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Creating Content Daily Online

I get this question all the time. “How do you do that? How do you come up with content daily, Ray?” People tend to think that daily content is too hard. What I tell them is to think like media companies. You’re no longer just some representative in a down line or you’re no longer just some lonesome entrepreneur. You’re now a media company. Does ESPN, do they show wacky sports every other day? Do they show it 3 times a week? No, they show it EVERY SINGLE DAY. Media companies get it.

Now media companies also Provide VALUE every single day.  Some kind of entertainment or education. They provide content daily and it’s usually in alignment with their target audience. It’s consistent, it’s daily programming (if not hourly programming) and it’s specific to a target market. You need to think like that too!

I believe my audience wants content every day and I believe your audience does too. Whether you’re providing skincare tips, real estate tips, health and wellness tips, or working out tips. I believe that the person that is fervently interested in your space and your niche and your profession they LOVE to Hear from YOU daily so that’s what we do.

On almost a daily basis we create a podcast, a blog post, live streams. I mean we’re pumping out content every single day. I know that’s what the marketplace wants and that they consume this information. As soon as we see no one is consuming it then we’ll stop. We’ll stop creating it.

The question is, how do you come up with all this stuff? Watch the video below to learn how I come up with content everyday and more tips to help you EXPLODE your business.

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