Cold Market Prospecting vs. Internet Marketing


Who wins? Cold Market Prospecting or Internet Marketing? Find out MY thoughts here!

Having used both, let me share with you how best to build your Network Marketing Business.

My Experience with Cold Market Recruiting AND Online Marketing

My wife and I have recruited hundreds of people over the years, we were the number one income earners in our last company with over 85% of the entire company in our team (and no, we weren’t given a “deal”).

We have done pretty much every single method of recruiting that exists, including:

Cold Market prospecting, Online Marketing, Home Meetings, Hotel Meetings, Sizzle Calls, webinars, Buying leads, Drop Cards, Social Media, TV Commercials (yep, did that), Billboard ads, radio commercials, pay per click and I am sure I am leaving out a few.

A lot of times people ask me whether they should learn cold market prospecting or learn online marketing so I wanted to shoot a video to help you guys out. By the way, IF you want to learn Internet marketing, I highly suggest you get my buddy’s new book here for free (just cover the shipping). And if you want to learn more on this, here are my most popular articles on prospecting scripts, network marketing tips and help you with network marketing topics:

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FIGHT! Cold Market Prospecting vs. Online Marketing!

What say you? Agree? Disagree? Be sure to join the conversation and let me know if these tips were helpful and YOUR thoughts on Cold Market vs Online.

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