Have you dealt with Cross Recruiting?

Here, I share advice for Network Marketers on how to get your teammates to stay and not want to leave your organization.

And, if they do happen to leave, here’s EXACTLY what to say to them.

What is Cross Recruiting?

First of all, for those that may not know, Cross Recruiting is when the fox comes into the hen house and is recruiting your people into something else.

Advice To Network Marketers On Dealing With Cross Recruiting

Here’s a little bit different way of thinking:

How do I prevent my extremely beautiful wife, who is amazing in every way from leaving me?

She has a great personality, sense of humor, very smart, and beautiful. She’s all these different things. How do I keep her from being cross recruited? How do I keep her from going astray?

By having a great environment, by taking care of her. And, by treating her in the way where she doesn’t even want to look elsewhere.

That’s how you greatly reduce people leaving your team.

It’s having an environment that supports them, acknowledges them, takes care of them, helps them, is uplifting, is powerful. Just have a great environment. Have a great team culture. And, have a great community.

The Industry

I’ll tell you, there’s a lot of mistakes made in network marketing. Sometimes from the company, sometimes from the founders. I see companies blow this all the freaking time. It’s just nerve racking. It’s like, “Why are you guys so smart at one thing but so dumb in another?” A lot of times, decisions are made PRE-Cross Recruiting. This is a big mistake.

I hear stories every month of someone who is a leader in one company and for whatever reason, goes to another company.

As soon as that happens, the company they were with starts bashing them, starts being negative, takes them off the leader board, erases their name from the tenets of history, ostracizes them, forbids them.


Because if someone’s a leader in a network marketing company, what do they have?

They have followers.

They have people that appreciate that person and have followed that person. When you strike down thee with extreme prejudice, when you do that in that kind of manner, it actually raises more awareness in the field.

People are like, “Hey, where’s Joe’s name on the leaderboard? I don’t see it anymore. Let me reach out to Joe. Maybe it’s a mistake. Hey Joe. Oh Joe, you’re with another company?

See, the company caused that. The company caused that problem.

Joe may have never had intentions to cross recruit. But boy, you start chucking leads at him. You start chucking people at him that really appreciate him, asking him questions. That’s a tough environment.

Focus On Your Yard

[clickToTweet tweet=”As far as Cross Recruiting itself, Focus on your OWN Yard.” quote=”As far as Cross Recruiting itself, Focus on your OWN Yard.”]

Have a yard that’s so attractive, have a marriage that’s so attractive, have a team that’s so attractive that people don’t want to go anywhere. And, just treat your people like gold. Love them. Hug and squeeze them.

Take care of them.

If you focus that way, if you focus more on your own yard and making it beautiful, pristine, real soft grass, you can just lay down in it, no ants anywhere. If you just focus on your own grass, your own lands, very few people will leave.

It’s true. If you focus on trying to rule them with an iron fist, the harder you squeeze your fist the more squeeze through your fingers.

That’s what happens. Unfortunately, that’s the default setting.

What To Say To A Leader Who Leaves

There’s settings on a network marketer. When network marketers come through the factory, there’s a little setting on there.

The setting by default is set to aggressively attack anyone who leaves team, hate them, throw rocks at them when not looking. That’s the default setting in the factory.

You’ve got to change it because by default, network marketers have no clue how to handle the culture and leadership of when someone leaves.

The difference I’ve made is being able to still have great relationships with many of the leaders that left my team over the years. Some of them have actually become clients, have actually invested large amounts of money to have me coach them.

What do you say when a leader leaves your team? Because I’ve had it happen. Everyone has.

In the video below, I share EXACTLY what you should say to Network Marketers who decided to leave your company.

Easy right?! What did you think? Let me know if this helped you. Drop me a comment below. Feel free to share this with your teammates.

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