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7 Ways To Know They Are
NOT Right for Your MLM Team


I have a lot of articles on MLM prospecting and MLM recruiting, but this is a helpful article to determine when someone is NOT a right fit for your MLM team.

Adventures in MLM Prospecting

I have a 7 step formula for MLM prospecting that simply works, but there are times when you take someone through all 7 steps but they still are not the type of person you should recruit into your MLM team. Here are 7 ways to know someone is NOT someone you should recruit.

1. Those who want performance guarantees dependent on YOU not them. This comes in all shapes and sizes but basically they want you to promise them they can have success without talking about how it ultimately will be up to THEM and THEIR actions. Know that great leaders and bad leaders have good and bad performers alike. I have not seen a huge difference in performance based on a sponsor, it will come down to the three keys to building an MLM in regards to the individual, not the sponsor.

2. They spend enormous amounts of time telling you what they are going to do. Without fail, anyone who has told me how big they were, how well they have done in other MLM teams, etc, they rarely do anything. I am not saying not to recruit them but just don’t get caught up in the trap of their baloney.

3. They bash their past MLM company. Now, this person may perform or they may not but they lack the traits of a real MLM leader. For example, I just saw a video of someone that used to be in MY MLM team who is in another company now. Instead of showing his $10,000 months with us he shows his back office where his commissions had greatly dipped due to his low performance. He then shows his new back office where he made a couple thousand bucks (not recently but when he first started). A leader does not need to do this AND it is not just insulting to his past company and leaders who helped him but more hurtful to those he left behind in that company. If they are a leader, lead, don’t bash anyone, especially a past company.

4. They have unrealistic expectations. BEFORE I recruit someone I ask them how much do they want to make and how many hours are they willing to work per week. Most times they tell me they want to make $10,000 a month and only work 2-4 hours per week. I then ask them how many hours they are working at their job and ask them if they are making $10,000 a month with their job, this usually helps them realize they have unrealistic goals.

5. They are overly skeptical. A person convinced their will remains of the same opinion still. If they are skeptical, stop convincing them and instead take it away. Tell them it is not a fit for them, usually they will change their energy.

6. They are a jerk. Now, I know jerks that perform well in network marketing but YOU have to decide if you want to spend your precious time with a person that is a jerk. When I am prospecting, I look for signs to rule someone OUT of my MLM team, and being a jerk is a key ingredient to getting yourself kicked out of my prospect list.

7. They are sponsor shopping. MLM sponsor shopping is when someone gets on the phone with multiple people, trying to see which one is going to be the right fit for them. The problem is, they are rarely producers. And, when they don’t do what is necessary to succeed, they can always say they should have shopped better for a sponsor than take the blame on their shoulders.

The Right Way to Build Your MLM Team

Now, truth is MOST of these 7 traits can be overcome with upfront contracts and setting expectations. IF they are any of the above 7 traits you can correct them early on and explain you don’t accept that type of behavior and this will usually be a way of treating them they have never experienced as most network marketers are so happy to get a signup they will let their prospects treat them like crap. Hold your ground, know that it is a privilege to work with you and YOU are worthy of having a GREAT MLM Team!

To Your Abundance!

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