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Truth: How to Make it in
Network Marketing

A guy asked me the other day, “what does it take to build a successful MLM business?” This is my answer and How to make it in Network Marketing.

Wanna Make Money in Network Marketing?

There are a few traits you have to possess or learn, if you want to make money in network marketing, they are:

– Consistency
– Self-Confidence
– Resistance to discouragement

Now, there are other skills that if possessed will help you as well but if you can grip that THOSE three traits are the most important, you can learn how to make it in network marketing.

The Two Biggest Problems with Network Marketing

1. It costs too little to join. Yeah, it is true. One of the best things about network marketing is it is so cheap to join, usually less than $2,000 but sometimes as little as $25. This is actually a problem. Why? Well, when there is such low barrier to entry, people don’t take it serious or treat it like an actually business that their life depends on. Make it $50,000 to join ANY network marketing company and watch the culture and pedigree of people change. And honestly, why shouldn’t it be? You can build massive residual incomes in multi level marketing, why not prevent non-serious people from joining by charging a ton of money? Franchises do it. When a partner and I bought an advertising franchise it was $38,000 for ten empty ad boards, a book and a couple days of training, I have gotten WAY more from almost every network marketing business I have ever joined.

2. You don’t always have the best mentoring and training. So you have half or non-trained running around spewing their company crap at everyone they know and meet and it is just a mess. One of the keys on how to make it in network marketing is getting groomed for leadership. Most people are simply not getting that AND they are too weenie to learn it on their own.

Simply, How to Make it in Network Marketing

Let’s come back to the three traits you need.

1. Consistency. I hear people say, “But Ray, I just don’t know what to do!” Which, quite frankly, is pure baloney. Saying you are confused works for people, and has their whole life as it gets them more attention, but, it isn’t the truth. What I usually say to someone that says they are confused as to what their daily method of operation should be is “What would you tell someone to do everyday if they wanted to know how to make it in network marketing?” The funny thing? They always know. So, if YOU are reading this and just don’t know what to do each day, ask yourself how you would instruct someone in your team.

2. Self-Confidence. One thing I heard near billionaire Felix Dennis say is “If you don’t believe in yourself, why the hell should anyone else?” Don’t believe in yourself? Get over it. Begin today to replace the time you mope and buy into others disbelief and get some self-confidence. This again is part of the problem with network marketing being so low entry, if it cost $50,000 to start, people of low self-confidence would never buy in as they would weed themselves out. If you do NOT have self-confidence, invest in your training, get a coach or mentor but get over it and GROW. I used to suffer greatly from depression and self-doubt but I simply replaced my bad habits with good habits and that changed my life. Instead of focusing on why people didn’t like me or had I didn’t get along with people, I read, studied and listened to audio books.

3. Resistance to discouragement. If you truly want to know how to make it in network marketing, this sums it up, Don’t Quit. Yes, you are gonna have friends and family members tell you it’s a scam or pyramid thing and they will continue to live mediocre lives and work forever but you CANNOT get discouraged. Stop being addicted to the outcome and stop seeking permission and acceptance and instead, BUILD YOU. NOWHERE can you get the level of mentoring and coaching for as low a cost as in network marketing. Even if you never make a dime, you still get so much out of this industry in self-growth. Know that it is NOT easy, but it is well worth it.

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