using social media for recruitingWant to learn how to use Social Media for Recruiting? These four quick tips will help!

Watch the short video below to learn how to use social media for recruiting people into your business or opportunity.

Social Networking Recruitment

There are two social environments that if you are a serious network marketer you may want to consider learning.

You may want to learn how to use social media for recruiting as well as how to be in a social environment like an offline networking meeting and be able to recruit people.

Today we will talk strictly about marketing and prospecting practices for using Social Media for recruiting.

Why Does This Need to Be Taught?

The main reason this needs to be taught is MOST of your teammates are on Facebook and other social media platforms and they suck at prospecting. They are spamming people, coming across desperate and most have no idea why they are getting rejected, ignored or even un-friended.

These four tips on using social media for recruiting will help every single person in your team, be sure to share this with them or tag them on Facebook under this post.

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Were those tips cool? Hope you enjoyed them, which tip do you think is most important? Again, your teammates are all on Social Media and most of them are doing it wrong, feel free to share this with them and comment below which tip you liked the most!

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